Temasek Singapore

Temasek Singapore may have been originally known only as of the initial name of the Singapore Country which was established until now. The name Temasek is indeed very synonymous with Singapore from the past until now. Nowadays this name is even more known because of the existence of a company in this merger under the name Temasek.

It can be said that this company is a state-owned company engaged in investment. The company, which is one of Singapore’s state-owned enterprises, is even known by the wider community. Its high profit makes people believe in this company even more. To get to know this company more closely, you can see the following information and explanation.

History of Temasek Singapore

Almost every company has its history that sometimes causes curiosity for many parties. Similarly, the Temasek company, of course also has its own historical story. This investment company is known to have been founded in Singapore precisely on June 25, 1974, ago. The establishment of this company is carry under the Singapore Companies Act which carries out the management of state assets.

Temasek Singapore was founded for commercial purposes. This means that the establishment of this company is carried out to manage investments commercially. So the government will be able to make all policies more focused. Because now Temasek is a commercial company which of course can also have a positive impact on development in Singapore.

The Temasek Singapore

Temasek’s Mission

The progress and development of Temasek Singapore do not escape everything that is the mission of this company. This big company has a special mission that is earnestly pursued to be achieved well. In carrying out its operational activities, it seems that this Singaporean investment company has a mission that is used as a guide to step up.

All of these missions are written also determines this company to achieve its goals. One of the missions of the Tumasek company is an effort to always hold active shares. Until finally this can provide sustainable value in the long term. This company is also always looking forward so that it can always act with high integrity. In addition, the company is also always committed to pursuing excellence until it grows rapidly.

Temasek as a large investment company in Singapore also seems to never tire of providing the best service. The best service he will always provide to the whole community. This is inseparable from the company’s goal of achieving a cross-generational advanced society.

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Value in Temasek Singapore

Every business that is carried out by Temasek Singapore does not have far from all the values that are embedded. All of these values are integrated into one with the term which is widely heard by ordinary people. Of all of these values, one of them is the Meritrocation value which emphasizes the existence of fairness and the company’s objective attitude. Another value that exists in this company is Excellence until the company always strives to provide the best results.

There is also another value, namely Respect where the Temasek Singapore treats others well and is full of appreciation. The next value is Integrity which is also the basis for Temasek to be able to carry out its activities properly. And the value of the latter is cooperation which is also the main basis for this company to continue to operate and develop. Not to forget the value of Trust by cultivating mutual trust in each other.

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Temasek Investment

As for the large companies Temasek has long-term investments. This fast-growing investment company even has an investment theme. Of course, this investment theme is also the basis for the company to step up and continue to operate to achieve its goals.

Some of the investment themes that exist in this company are Economic Transformation. In addition, this company also increases the Middle Income of the Population by carrying out all kinds of businesses. Another investment theme in this company is Deepening Competitive Advantage. Meanwhile, another thing that is also the basis for this investment company is Forming a Champion. All of these investment themes help Temasek to continue to carry out its activities well.

Risk Management

As one of the state-owned companies in Singapore, it is certainly known by all citizens. This company is even known by foreigners, especially those who have an active involvement with Temasek Singapore. In this case, of course, the Temasek also prepares all matters related to risk management that may occur. 

This flexible investment company is always careful in carrying out all its activities. Including making a business decision, of course, is also carried out with various considerations. All issues that accompany the risk are always considered. Until every risk can be avoided and also managed very well.

Company Expansion

Temasek Singapore, which is a well-known company in the country, is certainly experiencing good development. Even now Temasek has more and more shares in other companies. Unmitigated, even these shares are in large companies or well-known companies. This share of his also reached companies that spread in various countries in the world.

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This seems to prove quite proving Temasek Singapore as a company worthy of consideration as a large company. His assets that reached abroad certainly made his name soar even more. The trust of global citizens in this company has also increased along with the widespread distribution of its shares. Now Temasek is one of the well-known companies in the world that is considered to be developing very well.