How to Get Scholarship in China

Being able to study abroad is definitely such pride for Indonesian students. Moreover, all tuition fees are covered by scholarships. Just imagining it, we feel so proud and fun, isn’t it?

Scholarship in China

However, we realized that getting a scholarship is required some requirements that must be filled, especially in China. Now, China has turned into the second country to have rapid economic growth in the world. Therefore, most Indonesian students are very obsessed with being able to study in this country.

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So, how do we get a scholarship in China? For more information, let’s check out the review below!

1. CSC Scholarship

In order to attract international students from various countries, the Chinese government held a scholarship program called the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC). You can get information about this scholarship through this website. In addition, there are more than 200 universities that are included in the CSC scholarship program. 

How to Get Scholarship in China
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According to the website, you can enroll in more than one university and this can actually increase the chances of being accepted into this scholarship program. All you have to do is complete the personal documents on each university form and make a research proposal. Chin up!

2. Beijing Municipal Scholarship

Besides of CSC Scholarship, you can also get a scholarship from the Beijing Municipal Scholarship program. This scholarship is provided by the Beijing City government for all international students who wish to study with a full or partial scholarship in Beijing. This scholarship will be awarded to people who have diligent, hardworking, and individualist personalities. Please check the website here and follow the instructions. 

It should be underlined that if you have received another scholarship program, then you are not eligible to enroll in the Beijing Municipal Scholarship program. 

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