Cost of Living in London

How many cost of living in London (England)? Anyone who decides to move to London needs to know first how much is the cost of living in London. Every year many expatriates move to this country either to perform some jobs or to run a business.

Therefore, information related to the cost of living becomes important for them. Starting a new life in the country needs a lot of preparation.

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Whether related to accommodation, transportation, meal, study, and many more. For detail about this information, the following paragraphs will give an overview.
Cost of Accommodation in London

The first thing that will be query by many foreigners is the cost of accommodation in London. It is necessary to find the most suitable place for living. Therefore, considering the cost of accommodation in this country is important.

In London, most expatriates decide to rent a house or a unit of an apartment. The price can be quite variable depending on the location and the area. Therefore, you need to consider whether you are a single person looking for a studio apartment, or you have a family who needs a house for rent.

As an overview, a one-bedroom apartment in London will cost about 1,800-pound sterling. While a three-bedroom apartment cost about 2,200-pound sterling. Furthermore, if you plan to rent a house, it costs around 2,500-pound sterling. If you choose to select an accommodation in the center of the city, it can cost higher.

With this cost, some expatriates living in the country with no family choose to share a room with another person. It will help them reduce the cost of the apartment rent up to half of the price. Therefore, it can be more economical.

Cost of Transportation in London

Cost of Living in London

Another consideration shall be made on the cost of transportation in the country. It is a nice thing to know that London offers various affordable public transport. Therefore, it can be your first option to support your daily activities in the country. The cost is also minimum whenever you decide to use public transport. As an example, a one-way ticket is a 2.5-pound sterling. If you choose to have a monthly pass, it costs 160-pound sterling.

A different cost if you prefer a taxi in London. It will be more expensive, starting from 3-pound sterling per kilometer. While if you choose to buy a car in London, then you need to prepare at least 23,000-pound sterling for a new Volkswagen or Toyota Corolla.

Cost of Meal in London

Most foreigners will struggle with the cost of the meal. Since the meal cost in London can considered quite high. For a breakfast, normally a person will spend 6-pound sterling for a meal menu in a fast food restaurant. While if you choose to have lunch or dinner in a proper restaurant, it can cost you up to 15-pound sterling per meal.

It means that in a day you need to prepare at least 20-pound sterling for your meals. It can be increased up to 50-pound sterling depending on your choice of meal that day. Therefore, a person can spend a minimum of 600-pound sterling per month just for the food.

To manage a more economical cost for a meal, you can try to cook your own food every day. The cost for raw ingredients is more reasonable. Such as a kilogram of rice is 1.5-pound sterling. A dozen of the regular egg is 2.2-pound sterling, a kilogram of chicken is 5.7-pound sterling, a kilogram of potatoes is 1.1-pound sterling, and a kilogram of apple is 2-pound sterling. This means you need around 15-pound sterling for two days’ meal for a single person.

Cost of Education in London

Another consideration while living in London is the education fee. Mainly for those with a family and children. The school fee can be varying, depending on the grade and institution. On average, either daycare or school will cost around 1,200-pound sterling per month. While a tuition fee for a university will be more expensive. However, to help with this fee, some scholarships are provided. But, it only applies to certain students.

Cost of Living in London for Single and Family

From the overview above, it can be seen that the cost of living in London for single and for the family will be quite different. If summarize, a single person staying in the country will need around 2,800-pound sterling per month. While a family will need up to 4,800-pound sterling per month. Therefore, if you decide to move to this country, you need to make sure that your salary will suit these needs.

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As an overview, the average salary in London is 3,200-pound sterling per month. Therefore, when you have a family with two-person working, it will suffice to accommodate your monthly needs including accommodation, transportation, or meal and for school fees.

Those all the information related to the cost of living in London. Through the information above, at least you can have proper preparation in terms of received income and general outcome over there.

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So that once you move out to this country, you will able to make a good standard of living here. Furthermore, you can get a comfortable living without the possibility of too much expense above your income.