10 Famous Clothing Brand in Singapore

Singapore is a country that is not only perfect for traveling. But there is also some famous clothing brand in Singapore. Those brands are producing nice fashion which up to date and also stylish. So that there are many fans of these brands. For those who feel interested to try their fashion, the following lists are the 10 famous clothing brands in Singapore.

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Benjamin Barker

If you search for a nice outfit for working, then Benjamin Barker is a good selection. This Singaporean brand focus on man clothing especially for daily office work activities. The style and the design are elegant and also look comfortable at the same time. That is why this outfit is one of the favorite selections among many working men in Singapore. Made of premium material, Benjamin Barker also guarantees the quality of its fashion.


Another clothing brand in Singapore that is worth buying is BIRO. This brand focus on menswear with some formal and attractive colors. It has many products starting from premium shirts and pants. It was founded in 2013 and is famous for its premium material for its products. The style is also timeless and will fit many men not only in Singapore but also in other countries. Their size also fits most Asian men so it is a good brand to try. Either for formal occasions or casual activities, BIRO has many outfits to try.


If looking for a unisex design and fashion, then Depression can be a good selection. Especially for young women and men, this brand is a famous clothing brand in Singapore with an edgy style. So that the design is always new and looks fashionable. Furthermore, most of the fashion is made from comfort material with attractive colors. So that it will make you look nice and awesome anytime.

In Good Company

The next brand that is also a famous clothing brand in Singapore is In Good Company. It has a cool design with a specific style that is designed carefully for the modern woman. That is why the concept of the design is minimalist but also a little bit formal in the other way. But it doesn’t mean that this fashion wouldn’t suit any casual activities. Founded by Sven Tan and Kane Tan in 2013, this brand is now more famous and has been known by most Singaporeans.


IORA is one of the famous clothing brand in Singapore that has been last for many years. The collections are stylish and keep up to date. It provides various blouses and pants casual and formal. So that this brand is famous among many women in Singapore. Not only in the country, but the brand is also one of the favorite Singapore brands in other Asian countries.


If you love a feminine look, then Klarra is a good selection of clothing brand in Singapore. This brand focuses on a various outfit that looks nice and feminine for a woman. Furthermore, most of the color is warm and beautiful. So that this brand has many fans that want to look pretty and fashionable at the same time.


For those who search for a sporty outfit, then Kydra is the clothing brand in Singapore that focus on various fashion for exercising. That is why this outfit is preferable for those who need some outfit for their daily sport and activities. It also produces outfit for both, men and women. It has various color and design that comfortable enough to use for any sport activities.

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Under a similar parent company with IORA, LALU is a fashion brand focusing on teenagers and young women. Most of the collection is fit for the active woman. Starting from t-shirts, pants, blouses, hoodies, and many more. With some attractive colors, the design is always new and rich of style. So that this brand is one of the favorite brands among many young women in Singapore and other countries too.


For anyone who wants to have a nice classic and heritage fashion, then Matter is the best clothing brand in Singapore that focuses on this style. Singapore is also rich in its heritage culture so this brand develops some heritage print on their fashion. Not only look nice and beautiful, but the material also comforts to use for daily activities. Another thing, Matter also has a specific design and style that looks vintage and gorgeous too.

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Sabrina Goh

One of the famous clothing brand in Singapore is coming from designer Sabrina Goh. She is famous for her vibrant design that creates some awesome outfits daily. Therefore, no wonder that many fans are interesting to get her collection. The design is sometimes symmetrical pattern with popular style. So that it will fit your wardrobe for any occasion.

Those are all the famous clothing brand in Singapore that will make you amazed with their products. Not only selling fabulous fashion but also providing good quality and eye-catching color. So that once you wear this fashion, you will feel comfortable and want to wear them again in the future. If you have a chance to this country, come to visit their store and have it a try.

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