Understanding The Civil Service in Singapore

Much Singaporean might have heard about civil service in Singapore. It is a common role in the country that works for the Singapore government. So many Singaporean wish to have a career in this position. However, information related to this position might not available.

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So that it is important to get an overview related to this job. For those who are interested to know further, the following are some overviews about the civil service in Singapore.

Public Service VS Civil Service in Singapore

Understanding The Civil Service in Singapore

Many Singaporean think incorrectly about public services and civil services in Singapore. Most of them think that this is a similar term and job. But, it is a different thing to understand. Since civil service is the subsidiary of the public service. So that civil services will have fewer numbers compared with public services in Singapore.

Currently, Singapore has more than 153,000 officers who work in public service in Singapore. While 86,000 of them are working in the civil services. Usually, a civil service will work under the ministries to deal with various jobs and issues. Some of them such as in the Ministry of Communication and Information, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, and many more. There are around more than 10 ministries in Singapore that serve the community align with its professional and work specialization.

Civil Service Salary and Pay Scale

The salary of civil service in Singapore will be according to government regulation. Similar to a company, various grades and positions will determine the number of salaries. Therefore, the government of Singapore defines a salary range for the civil service accordingly. The complete information related to this pay scale is listed in the following points.

Director will have a salary range from 11,000 to 17,000 SGD
Senior management will have a salary range from 7,000 to 11,000 SGD
Middle management will have a salary range from 4,700 to 8,300 SGD
Management will have a salary range from 2,900 to 5,900 SGD
Fresh graduates will have a salary range from 3,500 to 4000 SGD

Be noticed that the salary of civil service in Singapore will break into several components. The components usually consist of monthly salary, performance bonus, annual increment, variable component, and annual bonuses. While the salary range above applies to the basic salary only. Therefore, the take-home pay of this position can be higher than as stated above.

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Code of Conduct of Civil Service in Singapore

Working as a civil service in Singapore shall follow certain regulations from the government. Therefore, this is a specific and important profession that needs to understand before joining. Violating the regulation means that the position can be taken. So that a civil service must pay attention to the rule strictly.

Such as the code of conduct of the position which mentions that a civil servant shall declare casino vitiation within a week if they visit two local casinos more than four times in a month. They also need to declare if they get an annual entry pass from the casino. Without applying this declaration, the civil servant can categorize as violating the regulation of government.

Pros and Cons of Civil Service in Singapore

The overview of civil service in Singapore sometimes brings pros and cons to this position. Some people in Singapore are willing to take the risk and work in this position. But some will not be interesting to join. Some of the pros of being civil servants mention the following things.

• Civil service is an important role to get. Since it is always needed in Singapore. Without this position, then the country cannot be running well.

• The position also allows a consistent salary. Therefore, once you decide to be a civil servant, this will be your position up to retirement age. Every month you will receive on-time payment with various bonuses.

• In Singapore, this is a position with a certain skill. Therefore, working as a civil servant will manage to apply all your skills accordingly.

• The position also gets suitable facilities for living. So that no more worry for the future.

However, there are also some cons to working as a civil service in Singapore. Some of the cons include strict hierarchy, where all tasks come from top to downside. Therefore, less communication between workers commonly happens.

Furthermore, joining as a civil service mean that you will get less space for creativity. All your jobs have been determined strictly by the ministry. You will need to follow accordingly and have no option to get more creative with your tasks. That is why sometimes this role is not fun at all and is considered a bore.

Through the explanation above, it is clear that the job description of civil service in Singapore will majorly service the community in Singapore. So that anything related to the government issues in Singapore can work well without issues.

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Furthermore, to be the civil service will require to understand some specific information as mentioned above. So that in case you are interested to work in this job, make sure to prepare all the requirements accordingly.