Singapore Transportation Card

Transportation is one of the important things to consider whenever you come to certain countries. Including in Singapore, a well-established transportation system has been developed to cover the needs of transportation of the citizen. One of the proven mechanisms to support this good system is through the Singapore transportation card. This card applies to various modes of transportation in this country. For more brief information, related to the card, the following paragraphs will explain more.

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Singapore Transportation Card for Local Citizen

Local citizens in Singapore mostly will dealing with Singapore transportation card for their daily transportation payments. It is a common card to have so that anyone in this country can enjoy various public transportation starting from road transportation and rail transportation. Therefore, you can enjoy riding a bus, LRT, and MRT only with one card as payment.

The concept of this card is to provide sufficient balance for paying the transportation cost. The card is also well known as the EZ-Link card. You can get the card in many places in Singapore, including in the bank or the station. With this card, Singaporean people will be able to pay for their trip or journey at a more economical cost. Not to mention that there are many other benefits to get from the card.

EZ-Link card is also easy to use since you only need to tap this card to the available tap machine before and after entering LRT or MRT station. Then it will automatically deduct your balance according to your journey cost. If the balance ends, you can fill it through ATM or an available service in the station. Remember that this card shall be minimum consist of 3 SGD balance. Therefore, you have to maintain the balance not be less than this value. Furthermore, you can top up the card for various values according to your preference.

Singapore Tourists Pass

Singapore also establishes transportation cards for tourists through Singapore Tourists Pass. This is similar to Singapore transportation card and will be able to use for paying any mode of transportation while staying in the country. With this card, the tourists will be able to use it for paying the public bus, LRT, and also MRT. So that they wouldn’t face any difficulties whenever they need to use public transportation to go anywhere.

Similar to the transportation card for local citizens, the card will be given some balance to use for automatically paying the transportation cost. This card is applicable in all LRT stations, MRT stations, and various public buses. The tourist can just simply tap the card in the available place so that they can pay the cost and then it will reduce the available balance inside the card. Once your balance is empty, you can refill the balance through an available card machine in certain stations.

Although it is similar, the tourist pass has the privilege to get any transportation unlimited for certain days. Normally the card is applicable for three days. Then after three days, you shall renew the card or get a new card for another unlimited package. Another thing is that you can bring back the card and get a refund for the card deposit if you back to your country. This card also cost quite economic, since a three-day pass only cost 20SGD. Not include a 10SGD deposit that can refund once you bring back the card before leaving the country.

Advantage of Singapore Transportation Card

Of course, there are several advantages to get whenever someone decides to use the Singapore transportation card. Whether for local Singaporeans or tourists, the card will bring many benefits. Some of the benefits include the following lists.

  • You will be able to make payments for various transportation in Singapore only with one card. So that you don’t have to get many cards for various transportation payments. It will make your payment method simple compared with using standard tickets.
  • Another advantage is that this card enables you to get a more economical cost for transportation. Therefore, it is a preferred method by many Singaporean to support their daily transportation in Singapore.
  • The other benefit is that some card offers a rebate so that you can get a slightly cheaper cost for your daily transportation. This is the way you can save more money for your transportation needs.
  • The transportation card is also a contactless payment system so that it is faster and more secure to pay your transportation cost.
  • Currently, the transportation card is also available in a digital system. So that you don’t have to bring the card anywhere, but you only need to connect with your smartphone. Then you can easily put a scan of the barcode for paying the cost.

By getting sufficient information related to Singapore transportation card above, anyone visiting the country will be able to take advantage of this card. So that in the future you visit Singapore, you can get the card for your needs of transportation while staying in the country. So that you will be able to easily reach any mode of transportation with less effort on paying the transportation costs.

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