SICOM SGX Derivatives

SGX or Singapore Exchange Limited, as the investment holding company in Singapore, provides various futures from various recognized companies. One of the current futures listed is SICOM SGX derivatives. However, not all the investors in Singapore are aware that SICOM has been part of SGX. Therefore, this information might still have limited for certain people.

To help give an overview of SICOM SGX derivatives, the following paragraphs will help to give some information. For further detail of explanations, see the below article.


SICOM is an abbreviate for Singapore Commodity Exchange. Therefore, this is where all approved commodities can involve and include their futures in the stock exchange market in Singapore. SICOM operates various trades in the future exchange. In basic, there are two commodity exchanges in Singapore. Rubber and other agricultural commodities are traded on SICOM, the Singapore Commodity Exchange. SICOM was formerly known as the Rubber Association of Singapore Commodity Exchange (RASCE) until 1994.

Compared to SICOM, the Singapore Mercantile Exchange (SMX) trades a greater variety of commodities, including precious and base metals, agricultural products, energy, and foreign exchange. Therefore, there are more options whenever the investor decides to trade in SMX too.

The SICOM SGX Derivatives

Why Invest in SICOM

For those who are first trying to invest their funds, the common question that arises about SICOM must be about why investing here. There are various options for investment in SGX exchange markets, and SICOM is one of them.

Of course, there are strong reasons behind the decision to invest in SICOM. China has the fastest-growing economy in the world. India and Singapore both appear to be on track to pass it soon. Singapore is already advancing faster than the rest of the globe. 2010’s first half had a 17.9% increase in GDP. The financial and services industries are responsible for more than 70% of this development.

One of Asia’s busiest ports in Singapore. It is positioned to grow to be Asia’s largest maritime center because of its proximity to the Straits of Malacca, a crucial commerce route. The Straits, which connect China, South Korea, India, and Japan’s major economies, were named for the Emperor Melaka of the fifteenth century.

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SICOM SGX Derivatives

As an exchange market that offered rubber and agricultural commodities, SICOM has several derivatives futures on its list. However, not many people are aware of the list of SICOM SGX derivatives. But as an overview, currently, SICOM offered rubber as their main commodity to trade.

The SICOM SGX derivatives market, which has a trading history dating back more than 100 years in Singapore, is known as the natural rubber industry’s price discovery hub and is associated with setting the worldwide pricing norm. To help market players manage price risks and have a dependable pricing foundation for their physical cargo, SGX provides two SICOM Rubber Futures: RSS3 and TSR20. Therefore, this can help market players to have options according to their preferences. Furthermore, SGX is still dedicated to acting as a regional and international price standard for this rubber market.

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Rubber Commodities at SICOM SGX Derivatives

Why rubber is the main commodity of SICOM SGX derivatives? For information, the latex of Hevea Brasiliensis trees is processed to produce natural rubber, which may be utilized to create various rubber grades. Technically Specified Rubber (TSR) is liquid rubber that has been naturally permitted to solidify into blocks that may be utilized in the production of tires. Liquid latex is wrapped into sheets and then smoked to create ribbed smoked sheets (RSS).

In the past ten years, natural rubber consumption has gradually grown throughout the world, and the Asian tale continues to fuel demand for raw materials. In the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis and supply and demand mismatches brought on by protracted unfavorable weather conditions in key producing nations, the volatility of rubber prices has reached previously unheard-of highs. Today’s corporations place a lot of importance on prudent risk management.

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SICOM SGX Derivatives Memberships

To include SICOM SGX derivatives memberships, there are several categories to follow. First is a trading member, which must clear its trades through a Clearing Member and is permitted to maintain customer accounts and funds. Trading Members may reside abroad.

Trading requirements for this membership including to keep your basic capital at least S$1 million. It also needs to possess a license for capital markets services (if operating within Singapore). While the requirements for Remote Trading Members include meeting the capital and financial criteria of SGX and possessing the necessary licenses in your country.

Next is a clearing member, the requirements shall be to maintain a $5 million minimum base capital, possess a license for capital markets services, and Remote applicants may apply to clear items using AsiaClear.

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From the information above, at least it gives information about SICOM SGX derivatives. Mainly for those who query about the commodities allowed in the market transactions on SICOM. Whether about the definition, the commodities, and the memberships too. Therefore, by knowing the commodities and their information, investing in SICOM SGX will no longer doubt anymore. With the control of market price and trade within SICOM SGX, it will give investors many opportunities to reach the profit as expected.