Malaysia Road Trip from Singapore

Malaysia road trip from Singapore if you know it right you will want to keep repeating it. This trip can be said to be a short trip for all of you. So from the Lion Country later you can go to Malaysia in a short time so the trip will not be boring. Even this road trip will be a very pleasant trip for you all. Because along the way there will be many sights that can be seen.

The view from Singapore to Malaysia will add to the impression of your life experience. Not only that, but you can also see the lives of many citizens from Singapore to Malaysia. Then there are many things that you can get from this road trip. Until you may not feel you have arrived at your destination in Malaysia. If you are currently confused about which vehicle to use, there is no need to worry. You can follow the Malaysia road trip from Singapore below.

Malaysia Road Trip from Singapore via MRT Downtown Line

If you are currently in Singapore and want to go to Malaysia, you can use the MRT first. You can start the journey starting from Garden by the Bay to continue the journey. After from Garden by the Bay, later you can take the MRT blue line or Downtown Line. You can take this MRT from Bayfront to Newton. Then move to the red line or what is also often called the North-South Line.

Along the way this time you will feel so impressed. Because through the MRT you can see the green scenery in Singapore. In addition, there will also be views of residential areas in Singapore that will spoil your eyes. The MRT will then stop at Woodlands Station. So if you are approaching this station then there is nothing wrong if you get ready immediately. Upon arrival at Woodlands Station, you can go down to the basement. From this basement, you can continue the next Malaysia road trip from Singapore.

Various Alternatives on Malaysia Road Trip from Singapore

Take Bus Number 950 to Malaysia from Singapore

To experience a Malaysia road trip from Singapore, of course, you can continue the journey by using a bus vehicle. However, choosing this bus must be done very carefully. Because there are many types of buses, each type is given its number. Maybe after Woodlands Station, you want to immediately head to Johor Baru Malaysia.

If you want to go to Johor Baru then you can immediately choose bus number 950 which is indeed heading to Johor Baru. To take a bus with that number, from the basement of Woodlands Station you can rush to line number 9. Later you will go to Johor Baru and stop at the terminal. To exit the terminal, of course, you need to pay close attention to the path. For immigrants, it is better to get out of the path that is specifically intended for immigrants. Don’t forget to queue at the designated line if this is necessary.

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Other Bus on Malaysia Road Trip from Singapore

Arriving in Johor Baru Malaysia, you don’t have to worry about which way to go. Determine in advance your destination to continue the journey by using the next bus. For example, from the terminal then you want to go to JB Sentral then you can take bus number 160. Also, note that bus payments are usually made using STP Plus.

Arriving at JB Sentral then you can start taking a leisurely walk to see the beauty of Malaysia. You can also look for snacks to taste culinary in Malaysia. Or you can also continue the journey to other areas again. Of course, traveling around Malaysia will be a very interesting idea for all of you. In Johor Baru, you can also visit Larkin Sentral which is no less interesting than other places. To go to Larkin Sentral, from Johor Baru terminal you can take bus number 170.

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Closing and Conclusions

Malaysia road trips from Singapore now don’t have to make you feel confused anymore. You don’t have to bother looking for information about how the trip should be passed. Because you can follow the route mentioned above to make this overland trip. Starting from taking the MRT available in Singapore until you can reach Malaysia. Arriving in Malaysia maybe you can determine the next direction.

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Your goal can be determined so as not to get on the vehicle. Of course, you can take the available buses in Malaysia according to the destination you want to achieve. So pay attention to the correct bus number so you don’t get the wrong vehicle. All of these vehicles are suitable for you all. Including those of you who want to travel cheaply from Singapore to Malaysia. Because this land trip can be taken at a very pocket-friendly price.

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The ticket price for a Malaysia road trip from Singapore is cheap so anyone can take this trip. Those of you who want to be in Singapore and want to travel, don’t need to be confused. You can immediately visit Malaysia with several vehicles described above. Then you can get a trip at a low price and your expenses will be more economical.