How to Make the First Non Technical Hire

Approach strategy on how to make the first non-technical hire should be knowledge for the human resource staff. Especially for those of you currently working in the field of employee recruitment. The hiring process is not just about technical skills. But today’s employee recruitment also requires expertise or non-technical skills. Even these non-technical skills or skills are now preferred.

For those who don’t understand how to make the first non-technical hire, you don’t need to be confused looking for information. Especially if you are currently an HR staff who must recruit new employee staff. Recruitment requires knowledge of skills or non-technical skills. Here are some things that can be information about the company’s first non-technical hiring.

Creativity on How to Make the First Non-Technical Hire

One of the competencies that are part of how to make the first non-technical hire abilities is creation and creativity. Most creative people can provide their best ideas for the development and progress of the company. Employees who are full of creativity will help the company to be able to create unique and out-of-the-box products.

Troubleshooting in How to Make the First Non-Technical Hire

In addition to being creative, this non-technical ability also includes a person’s way of solving problems. In the world of work, of course, there will be many problems that occur. In this case, an alternative solution is needed that can help the company in solving the problem. Indeed, not everyone can solve problems, but this ability is necessary.

9 Approach Strategy on How to Make the First Non-Technical Hire

Leadership Spirit

Companies should also recruit employees who have a high leadership spirit in how to make the first non-technical hire. With a high leadership spirit, employees can work independently. It is not even possible that your employees will lead their group or co-workers to improve the quality of work.


Working in a team is also one thing that is needed from every employee. An employee who can work in a team can place himself well. In addition, work relationships and social relationships with other people will also be well established. Every company that has employees like this will find it easier to improve their quality.

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Improve Employer Branding on How to Make the First Non-Technical Hire

You may ask how to make the first non-technical hire which is not as difficult as you imagine. To be able to do this, the first step that can be taken is to improve employer branding. It is considered to be able to improve the quality of applicants or candidates. So this search can be tried and applied in your company to get the best employees or employees.

Make Use of Social Media

Another way how to make the first non-technical hire is by utilizing social media. Nowadays, the use of social media is increasing and even spreading. Almost everyone has their own social media account. Now looking for work through social media has been done by many internet users. Then social media becomes one of the best ways for your company to do the first non-technical hiring.

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Hold Quality Interviews During How to Make the First Non-Technical Hire

Those of you who currently work in the HR Department or personnel department in a company can also try other ways. Of course, this method can also be done to be able to recruit employees with high non-technical abilities. One way to do this is by conducting an interview process that can be said to be of high quality. From this interview, you will be able to know more clearly everything related to the candidate. Then you can conclude the qualities of the applicant.

Create a Reference Program

There are more quick and precise ways how to make the first non-technical hire for your company. How to do the first non-technical recruiting can now be implemented by creating a referral program. It means you can recruit new employees by spreading vacancies to your employees. This method is quite effective and efficient. You can get employees who suit the company’s needs. Because applicants are generally already referred by your employees.

Looking for Passive Applicants

Finally, a powerful way that can also be a solution for you to get the best employees is to look for passive applicants. It means you can be more considerate of applicants who only apply for job vacancies in your company. So the applicant does not spread job applications to other companies.

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Importance of How to Make the First Non-Technical Hire in Companies

You can now understand how to make the first non-technical hire at the company. The explanation above can be necessary information to recruit new staff or employees. Indeed, more companies need employees with skills. It includes non-technical skills which are related to a person’s character.

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If someone’s non-technical skills are seen as good, then it is certain that their performance in your company will be good too. Staff or employees with good non-technical abilities will certainly be able to support the company’s performance. In the end, the company will be able to provide the best outcome for the public. Therefore, how to make the first non-technical hire cannot be underestimated. On the other hand, this must be done as well as possible so that later the company can get the best employees.