Diwali Singapore

Diwali Singapore or widely known as the Festival of Light is one of the long-awaited festivals in the country. No wonder every year Singapore welcomes the arrival of the day with great joy. Many shopping centers also enliven the day. Therefore, it is one of the famous festivals celebrated in the country.

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Of course, Diwali Singapore is a day that is commonly known to the people of Singapore itself. But the other is true of those who come from outside this country. For those of you who want to know what the festival is organized, as well as how the history or other information related to Diwali in Singapore, see the following information.

About Diwali Singapore

Diwali is one of the great days for Hindus. Diwali is celebrated by all Hindus in the world in various countries. No exception with Singapore, where some of the population is Hindu. As is known that some people in Singapore are Indians who adhere to Hinduism. So that holidays such as Diwali are one of the days celebrated by several Indians living in Singapore, precisely in the Little India area.

Diwali festival is also widely known as the Festival of Light. This is because the celebration of Diwali every year has a core that Hindus celebrate victory over the loss of darkness replaced by the appearance of light. So in the annual Diwali festival in Singapore, there is also a light festival by fills the streets in Little India using a variety of lights and lanterns.

Diwali celebration itself is one part of the myth of the famous Hindu story, the Ramayana. This celebration comes after Lord Rama of Ayuthya who fought in the forest for 14 years won the battle against the demon Ravana. The return of Lord Rama with Sinta brought victory which later became a celebration of the Festival of Diwali.

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Diwali Festival in Singapore

When celebrating Diwali Singapore every year, there are always many events presented by the local Singaporean community. Especially the Hindu community in Little India. So this attracts the attention of many tourists who visit Singapore during the Diwali Festival comes. Some of the characteristics that are present during this Diwali or Deepavali festival are as follows.

The Diwali Singapore


Which is an interesting pattern picture with a sprinkling of various exotic and attractive colors. In this art is used colorful powder is sprinkled over patterns drawn on the streets. So when viewed looks attractive and attractive to many people.

The tradition of drawing rangoli has been widely done by Hindus in other countries. But in Singapore, this is one of the characteristics that must be present when the Diwali festival begins. Without rangoli, it can be said that the festival does not run completely.

Elephant Miniature

Furthermore, there are also fairly large miniature elephants installed around the festival area. Like most other Hindu holidays, miniature elephants never miss out on being included.

Dance Performances

Where this performance is present at night on the streets of Little India. The dancers give their best treats in attractive costumes.

The show is performed when Diwali Singapore is one of the interesting tourist attractions and becomes the mainstay of Singapore. So that in this case, the festival can attract more tourists to watch the entire series of complete Diwali events in the country.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many tourists come to enjoy this festival freely when Diwali Singapore arrives. There are many interesting performances to immortalize. Not to mention the lively and pleasant atmosphere. So it is very appropriate to choose to get pleasure while on vacation in this country.

Store Promotion During Diwali Singapore

Not only is it full of festival festivities in the Little India area, but also many shopping centers in Singapore that celebrate it. So do not be surprised if when Diwali Singapore arrives, many shopping centers hold promos for their customers. Starting from various kinds of discounts to various other interesting promotions.

This makes increasing the shopping and consumption power of local people in Singapore. Thanks to the festival, all of Singapore participated in celebrating the excitement of the arrival of Diwali.

Of course, this is also interesting for tourists visiting Singapore. Because at the time of Diwali Singapore automatically there are many promotions in various shopping centers that can be used to get many goods at a cheaper price in the country. Not to mention other interesting promos in various restaurants and other places.

Thus it is not only beneficial for the local population of Singapore, but also for the foreign tourists who come. Take advantage of the store promotion moment during Diwali Singapore and get attractive prices from various items sold in Singapore at that time.

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That’s a little explanation and information about Diwali Singapore, a Hindu tradition that became one of the country’s top tourist attractions. Visiting Singapore when this festival is held will certainly be an interesting experience. Therefore, there is no harm in trying to find out when the festival is held in the Little India area, Singapore. Of course, there will be many experiences and exciting moments that can be obtained when coming to the event.