Various Services Product from Bank of India Indonesia

Bank of India Indonesia was known as Bank Swadesi in Indonesia. This bank was established in 1968, precisely located in Surabaya which is a part of East Java Province of Indonesia. Bank Swadesi then established a cooperation relationship with the Bank of India. Until finally the Bank of India managed to become the majority shareholder and full controller of Swadesi Bank.

Bank of India Indonesia

Various Services Product from Bank of India Indonesia

Some years later, Bank Swadesi was renamed the Bank of India Indonesia. This bank runs with firm principles to be able to achieve the company’s vision. Similar to all other banks, Bank of India Indonesia has various services and facilities for all customers. For those who need to know further, here are some kinds of service products from then bank that can be used by all bank customers whenever needed.

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1. Interest Rates and Fees

The first thing you need to know about the Bank of India Indonesia is the value of interest rates and fees. This is important information for many customers before opening a bank account in this bank. Since interest rates and fees can be different in each bank. Usually, this difference depends on the bank obligation. In a savings account, the interest rate starts from 1.00% to 1.50%.

However, a different value will be applied for saving accounts in the form of other currencies. For example, if you create an account with USD currency. This can provide a different rate. Therefore, in case you want to open a bank account with suitable advantages as required, then this information needs to be considered well.

2. Deposits

Another service that is also provided by the Bank of India Indonesia is a deposit service. It is a service that is generally used by customers to save some money. Deposits can be interpreted as a form of account that will be issued within a certain period. This deposit service is generally provided by many banks including in this case is the Bank of India Indonesia.

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In this bank, you can have a deposit savings program both in the form of local currency and foreign currency. For deposits in banks, this is generally accompanied by a very attractive interest rate. Therefore, currently, more people are choosing deposits as a method of saving money.

3. Remittances

In addition to the above services, this bank also has other types of services, namely remittance services. At first glance, you might be thinking that this is only limited to the process of sending money between countries. But more than that, the process of making remittances is not as easy as we imagine. Remittance itself is often mentioned as a transfer process which is of course often done by many customers.

Now in this bank, you can do the process of transferring or sending money using currency from a foreign country. The process of sending money that seemed difficult can now be done very easily. Even the thing about remittances can be done in a fairly short and fast practical period.

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4. Credit and Forex

In the Bank of India Indonesia, there are also credit and forex services. This credited service is generally utilized by all customers who do need credit or loans from bank institutions. Not a few customers take advantage of this credit facility intending to be able to meet all kinds of their needs.

The type of credit itself consists of various types and ranging from installment credit, vehicle loans, mortgages, and many other types of credit. In addition, there are also forex services from the Bank of India Indonesia which are now also increasingly in demand.

Foreign currency transactions or known as forex are indeed in the present increasingly known as one form of profitable investment. For those of you who use this forex service, you can later make foreign currency transactions through a bank that has long experience.

5. Personal Banking

Another service that is also provided by this bank is personal banking services. This service generally provides a service that can be said to be very attractive to everyone.

This banking service which is more commonly referred to as personal banking comes with a variety of offers that are very attractive for the clients. Since this service will allow you to use various kinds of personal services, for example by utilizing teller machines and many other attractive offers.

Of course, every personal banking service product provided to you is the best opportunity. Therefore, it is recommended to immediately open an account at the bank of India.

6. Corporate Banking

The last thing that is also become one of the famous services from the Bank of India is corporate banking service. As the name implies, all kinds of services and facilities provided by the bank in this case are aimed specifically at certain bodies or companies that utilize the facilities of the bank. So that all activities related to the financial transaction for a company are easier to do.

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Bank of India Indonesia with all kinds of services as above can certainly provide a good service for all its customers. You can get many benefits if you have an account at this bank. So for those of you who are interested to experience the benefits of the bank account, you should immediately register and create a bank account in the Bank of India Indonesia to enjoy all its facilities.