Income Statement

Within a company, the income statement is one of the necessary statements that shall be provided at least yearly. It is one of the crucial financial statements offered by a company. It displays a company’s operational results for a specific reporting period.

The income statement is one of the tools for financial reporting, along with the balance sheet, cash flow statement, and statement of changes in owners’ equity. It shows whether or not the company was profitable throughout the period covered. For more information about this term, the following paragraphs will help to give an overview.

The Definition of an Income Statement

An income statement is one of a company’s financial statements. It is the profit and loss account which is also known as a profit and loss statement. It is also known as the revenue statement, statement of financial performance, earnings statement, statement of earnings, operating statement, or statement of operations. This statement displays the company’s revenues and expenses for a specific period.

The income statement describes the process of revenues converted into net income or net profit. Managers and investors can determine if a firm gained money (profit) or lost money (loss) during the reporting period by looking at the income statement. Furthermore, the balance sheet only depicts one point in time.

An Overview of Income Statement

Component of Income Statement

An income statement will consist of some components. Otherwise, it will not be complete and would not be able to be used. The main component of this statement includes the following lists.


It is the cash that comes into a company through the delivery or production of goods. It is also known as the provision of services or other activities that make up its ongoing principal operations within a given time. It includes any increases in assets, including accounts receivable. Sales discounts, refunds, and allowances are how it is often expressed. A company makes money each time it sells something or renders a service. It is referred to as gross profit or sales profit.

Usually, this revenue section will consist of several items. First is the net income. These have been adjusted for taxes, depreciation, and financing charges. While another thing is operating revenue. These are the income and outlays in this area, whereas costs are cash withdrawals from assets or their consumption or the creation of liabilities.

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It is the cash outflows that describe other asset depletions. It is also the occurrence of liabilities (including accounts payable) for providing products or services, producing them, or engaging in other continuing operations for the company.

Usually, this expenses section will consist of several items. Cost of items sold, which is the direct expense related to the goods that the company produces and sells. Both direct labor expenses and material costs are included. Then there are selling general and administrative costs, which do not include labor costs and cover costs related to other administrative tasks and the sale of commodities.

There are also depreciation and amortization, which are expenses for fixed assets and intangibles that are capitalized for the given accounting period on the Balance Sheet. And last is operating profits, which follow the deduction of costs from revenues, these are the operational advantages. These show the company’s operational strength and efficiency.

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The Benefits of Having Income Statement

As mentioned previously that the income statement is important for a company. Therefore, the company always prepares a statement every year to deal with various needs. Some of the benefits of having a prepared income statement include the following items.

Provides Detailed Information on Revenues

Revenue information is provided in depth in the income statement. Along with standard costs like cost of goods sold (COGS), personnel costs, and operational costs, it also takes into account supplemental costs like any relevant taxes. Similar to how it accounts for income from sales, it also takes into account revenue from non-operational components like interest accumulated on various assets. As a result, the income statement is the best place to find accurate revenue data.

Database for Investor Analysis

For investors that want comprehensive information before investing in any firm, it is a crucial document. From sales to profitability, operational effectiveness to other non-operational characteristics, it offers all the data. Combining these factors makes it easier for investors to understand how the firm is and will likely be. So, evaluating the state of a firm may be done from a single source.

Describe Company Profitability

The income statement displays the company’s profitability over time. The corporation can calculate its significant revenues. Second, it is important because it uses the matching principle and illustrates the costs a business incurs to generate profits. Because dividends are paid out of the overall income, shareholders of a corporation are interested in the net income from an investing standpoint. Additionally, income statements assist businesses in analysing their costs and accounting for the main sources of operating income.

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One of the crucial documents that any company must create is an income statement. For a business owner, creating accurate income statements and other financial accounts can be difficult. However, expert assistance is frequently accessible. As a result, creating a summary of the company’s income shouldn’t be a problem.