Road Trip Singapore

A road trip Singapore is sure to be a journey that will give you comfort. Every Singaporean must have experienced it to travel anywhere. Especially if you want to travel outside of Singapore. For example, abroad, namely to neighboring countries. So not infrequently these Singaporeans choose road trips that are considered to provide more comfort.

In addition, many people also feel that road travel has a high level of security. It’s no wonder that this kind of trip is mostly done by Singaporeans who want to visit a place or region. Road travel is also often an option for immigrants in Singapore. Indeed, now there are still many people from abroad who decide to visit Singapore. Not even a few immigrants later decided to settle in Singapore for various reasons. After all, a road trip Singapore will be the right choice for you. All kinds of advantages will make you prefer it in achieving any goal. Then the journey that must be passed in Singapore will be a pleasant thing.

Road Trip Singapore by Bus

Singapore is an area that is considered to have advantages for tourism. Therefore, taking a road trip Singapore can be a perfect choice while staying here. Especially for foreigners outside Singapore who then find this lion country very interesting. There is so much to do in this country that even foreigners decide to stay in Singapore. Either stay temporarily in the short term or for a longer period.

If this happens then anyone can come to Singapore either temporarily or stay in this area. Of course, going to Singapore can be done via land travel. Generally, road trips to Singapore are made from other areas that are near the location of this country. For example, Malaysia is located next to Singapore. From Malaysia to Singapore is of course very easy.

From Malaysia, you only need to use transportation in the form of a bus to be precise from Johor Baru. This bus that can be boarded is generally a unit of a Malaysian company. You can choose several buses such as SBS or it can be SMRT and also SJE. This trip will be fun and spoil your eyes with incredible views.

Alternatives on Road Trip Singapore

Road Travel by Train

Going and visiting Singapore by land actually can’t only use buses. But more than that you can also use a vehicle or other transportation. For example, if you choose to have the trip by train that makes many people like it. Comfort can certainly be felt by every train passenger. Moreover, the atmosphere on the train tends to be clean and pleasant at the same time. Plus, taking the train often makes people feel more comfortable because of the good level of security.

When you take the train during a road trip Singapore, you will not feel like suddenly you arrive in Singapore. Of course, to be able to take this train you can go to Kuala Lumpur Sentral Station. From the station in Kuala Lumpur, you can be escorted to Woodland Station in Singapore. You could say that this trip is not spending your money. Because the ticket price is still affordable, especially for those of you who want to get a cheap and economical trip.

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Length of Road Trip Singapore

The trip you need to get to Singapore via road certainly doesn’t take long. Even more so if you are making this trip from Johor Baru which is located in Malaysia. This trip from Johor Baru is the most common road trip by immigrants and foreign tourists. If you travel overland from Malaysia, this trip may take approximately 6 to 7 hours.

This trip also includes if you use of a premium bus from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. But the length of this trip will not feel boring because there are many things you can do on the bus. Meanwhile, road trips using trains are not much different from buses. You who go to Singapore by train will also travel for 6 to 7 hours. This road trip Singapore will certainly not feel boring because you can see all the sights.

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Now you can get a pleasant road trip Singapore anytime. When you need a trip or want it then you can get it right away. Whether traveling for business purposes or maybe for others. You can also get this trip for tourist purposes and the like. However, traveling by land will help you save more money. Because you can buy tickets at any time at prices that tend to be cheap.

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Furthermore, nowadays, everything can be done online. This includes buying tickets online for your road trip Singapore. Buying tickets to and from Singapore can now be done online. Of course, you can buy tickets online at a lower price. Moreover, if the purchase of this ticket is accompanied by an attractive discount promo. This can result in the price of land travel tickets will be cheaper than the normal price. Therefore, it will help you to save more money if you plan to travel to exciting places in Singapore.