OCBC Personal Loan

OCBC personal loan can be a solution for your finances. Especially for those of you who are currently in need of financial assistance. With a loan or loan, all kinds of your needs can at least be met. Especially for sudden needs that make you need a loan.

Now OCBC provides loan offers for those of you who are its customers. Even more so for your personal needs or needs that cover many things. Here are some loan services that you can get for your needs from OCBC.

Cash Installments

One of the OCBC personal loan service products is cash installment products. This service is helpful for those of you who need a loan from a bank institution. Moreover, the payment process tends to be easy and light for those who get a loan. You can pay this loan with an installment system that can be obtained at a preferred time.

You can get these cash installments with installments ranging from 12 to 60 months. Plus, you can get a loan with an interest rate that tends to be low. The interest rate you can get is about 3.50% per annum. Surely you will not mind this interest rate.

Extra Cash Loans

Another product of OCBC’s loan is extra cash loans. The same with the previous product then this service can also help you. This installment loan is affordable for you. Even this installment loan will help meet the needs of your one-time loan. In this one loan product, you can later get a loan in quite a large amount. The loans you can get can reach up to 6 times your income every month. While the fixed payment can be made precisely for 12 to 60 months. If you need it then you can immediately apply for this loan.

The Benefits of OCBC Personal Loan

Easy Credit

The OCBC personal loan you can get is in the form of easy credit from OCBC. You can get these credits at any time when you need them. You can apply for a loan in the number of your needs. As the name implies, the process of obtaining this credit can certainly be easy.

OCBC Bank will always be ready to provide loan funds to cover your needs. You can also get the payment installment process according to the required time. In addition, you can also get easy access to cash. Both through ATMs and also through mobile banking. You can also get convenience in checking and others.

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Balance Transfer

The next service you can get from OCBC banking and financial institutions is a balance transfer. Those of you who apply for a loan can certainly get this facility. You can also get some facilities from the balance transfer service. For example, the loan tenor is 3 to 12 months. In addition, you will also get a facility of 0%.

Of course, this will benefit you because the transfer process will be more efficient and free of charge. Furthermore, this processing fee is only as low as 1.80% only. Regarding the payment every month, it can also be said to be low. The payment each month is only 3% of the outstanding balance.

Debt Consolidation Plan

Not only the various facilities that have been mentioned above that you can get. However, there is also another facility, namely debt consolidation. You can now combine all your debts even in several other financial institutions. Even if you have to make a payment for a credit card, it can also be done easily.

To do so, you now just have to combine all your OCBC personal loan. Then the payment can be made by becoming one fixed payment every month. You can do this at OCBC bank institutions. Payment plans are available from 36 to 96 months. In addition, the process is free of charge so the cost becomes greater.

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Guaranteed Overdraft

One more service and product from OCBC personal loans is the existence of a guaranteed overdraft. The existence of this guaranteed overdraft product certainly increases the number of services from OCBC to all customers. Especially services for personal loans or personal loans which can certainly help all customers.

Overdraft is guaranteed to be one of OCBC’s services which are also considered profitable for all customers. Moreover, this one program emphasizes the existence of a light interest system. In this product, it is known that interest is only charged precisely on the amount used only. Surely this will not burden those of you who get loans or debts from OCBC.

Exclusive Promotion of OCBC Personal Loan

OCBC personal loan with all kinds of services it provides can certainly be the best way out for you. The existence of a loan from OCBC can be the best alternative for all your financial period. Now the loans presented by OCBC are also accompanied by various other things. For example, there are special facilities in the form of exclusive promotions from OCBC for your loyal customers.

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Exclusive promos come in the form of cashback which is profitable for all of you. This exclusive promotion is not only valid for those of you who apply for an OCBC personal loan at the bank. But for those of you, other OCBC customers can also get this online promo. Especially for those of you who make balance transfers and cash payments.