Singapore History

Singapore history has many interesting backgrounds and stories. A country with a size territory that is not so large but very modern is certainly curious. The story that happened in this country sometimes attracts many people to know it. Including foreigners who live and settle in Singapore.

The historical story of this country may even be sought for example in some historical sources available in the country. Every country has indeed passed through various things in its past until it stands until now. Singapore is no exception. This developed country located in the Southeast Asian region seems successful in carrying out development. But there is a Singapore history behind it that needs to be known as mentioned in the following paragraphs.

Initial Name of Singapore

The appearance of the name of a country is certainly an interesting story for anyone. Singapore history about its name also certainly causes curiosity. Especially for Singaporeans who live and do all their activities in this country. The island of Singapore was originally part of the Kingdom of Srivijaya. Originally this island was known as Temasek which means Sea City. But later there will be developed over time until the name of the island becomes Singapore.

The Singapore History

The Establishment of Singapore in the Modern Century

In the 16th to 19th centuries came European invaders so that the Malay Islands were controlled by Europeans. Then in 1818 came Sir Stamford Raffles who at that time became governor in Bengkulu or Sumatra. In 1819 Raffles found a small Malay village. The location of this village is precisely at the mouth of the Singapore River which is chaired by Temenggung Johor. Although managed by the Sultanate of Johor but the political condition of this region can be said to be unstable. Until finally the heir of the Sultan of Johor was controlled by the Dutch.

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Early Development of Singapore History

In 1819-1826 Raffles returned to Bengkulu which was indeed an area under his leadership. He returned to Bengkulu precisely after signing an agreement with Johor. At this time Singapore is experiencing some problems that certainly feel difficult. But in the end, Singapore history was able to experience quite rapid development. This is also related to the status of this island which is a free port. As free port traders from various countries, many expatriates stop at this location. Call it from Chinese traders to Arab traders. There are also traders from India who then make Singapore a port for trading.

The Japanese Occupation Period

Singapore history then had experienced obstacles, namely during the Japanese occupation. This Japanese occupation took place between 1942-1945. Indeed, at that time Japan controlled the Southeast Asian region to strengthen its economy. Even Singapore, which was the main base of the Allied military, became the main target for Japan to control.

Various battles were inevitable until the battle between the Japanese and the Allies was even more smoldering. In the end, the British army surrendered to the Japanese until Singapore fell to the Japanese. Of course, the fall of Singapore is a major historical event for the British even throughout its history. Singapore was renamed Syonan-to which in Japanese means Southern Lights. But in 1945 Japan suffered a major defeat until it surrendered to the Allied armies. This is what made Singapore fall into the hands of the Allied military.

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Establishment of the Malaysian Federation as Part of Singapore History

The invulnerability of Singapore in the hands of the Allies still makes this region continue to be in a period of struggle. Until 1963 the British agreed that Singapore and Sabah and Sarawak joined the Malay Land Guild. This was done by the British to form the Federation of Malaysia.

This continued until finally Singapore’s main political party, the People’s Action Party won the Singapore Election. This was accompanied by the appointment of Lee Kuan Yew as prime minister. Then many parties were not satisfied to want to calm Lee Kuan Yew. This event ended with the process of the exile of Singapore from Malaysia precisely in 1965. This is the most important Singapore history that leads to Singapore’s independence.

The Emergence of the Republic of Singapore

After Singapore left and out of Malaysia, the country became even more rapidly developed. Singapore even began to emerge as the country that dominates trade in the world. In the government of Lee Kuan Yew alone Singapore has achieved a great deal of progress. This can be seen from the increasing number of facilities in Singapore.

Then in 1990, Lee Kuan Yew resigned from politics. He then gave his government power to Goh Chok Tong. In 2004 Goh Chok Tong resigned his position as Prime Minister. He then gave Lee Kuan Yew’s son Lee Hsien Loong a path to rule Singapore.

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Singapore history seems quite tense for anyone who follows its story. The establishment of a country is not always smooth like in Singapore. There is always a history of history that goes with it. Even though maybe this historical story is full of dark atmosphere and sadness. But all that is now paying off, namely with the establishment of Singapore as a developed country that continues to grow rapidly.