Lists of International Schools in Singapore

What the best international schools in Singapore? Living in Singapore needs proper preparation. Especially for foreigners that decide to start a new job in Singapore with their family. One of the important things to consider is the school for the children.

Most of the children of expatriates usually will choose to study at international schools in Singapore. Therefore, preliminary information about the recommended international school in this country is necessary.

Singapore has many international schools for expatriates or foreigners. However, one of the things that shall be considered is the price and the education concern. So that the student can get a suitable school according to their expectation and skill.

Lists of International Schools in Singapore

To get an overview of which international school is recommended for the expatriates in Singapore, the following lists can be a good way to start.

1. Anglo-Chinese International Schools in Singapore

The first international schools in Singapore is Anglo-Chinese International. This is an international school that originally comes from Singapore. The school is available for secondary to pre-tertiary. The enrollment fee is also reachable, around 700 SGD. But, be note that this school was established in 2005, so it has less than 20 years of experience.

2. Australian International Schools in Singapore

Australian expatriates can select Australian International School for their children. To enroll in the school, you have to pay 2300 SGD. This is a suitable place for those who are looking for a school for preschool up to secondary grade 12. Established in 1993, this school has enough experience to manage the education for their student. Therefore, many Singaporean trusts this school as one of the reputable international schools in Singapore

3. Canadian International Schools in Singapore

Those foreigners from Canada can select to put their children to Canadian International School. These international schools in Singapore has been established in 1990. The location is in Lakeside and is available for preschool up to secondary grade 12. Furthermore, the enrollment fee is 3000 SGD which consider quite expensive.

4. Dover Court International Schools in Singapore

For those who prefer a UK-based school, then this is a suitable selection to choose from. This school is available for the reception to year 13. It brings English National Curriculum for their student.

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So that it will fit with the English-based education method and type. Furthermore, the enrollment fee at the moment is around 1700 SGD. Therefore, it can consider not too expensive for an international school with good facilities for the student.

5. Eton House International Schools in Singapore

If you search for international schools in Singapore that are based in Singapore country, then you can choose to select Eton House International School. This school is available for a student from pre-school to high school. The location is in Broadrick, Sentosa, Thomson, and Orchard. So that you have several places to select according to the location of your living house.

6. French School of Singapore

Anyone searching for international schools in Singapore with a French curriculum, then this school can be a suitable selection. The school is original from France and located in the Ang Mo Kio area. It is certain that the school brings the school method from France so that most of the French expatriates will suit with this school.

Even though the enrollment fee is around 2400 SGD, it offers a worthwhile education style and worth facilities too. Therefore, no wonder this international school is one of the recommended places to join.

7. German European School Singapore

Another selection of international schools around Singapore is the German European School Singapore. This is a school-based from Germany and brings the curriculum of Germany for pre-school up to secondary. This is also a merger school from Germany, Europe, and Singapore. So that it will fit many expatriates from various countries.

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8. Knightsbridge House International Schools in Singapore

Another international school Singapore-based is Knightsbridge House International School. This school is available for primary from grade 1 to grade 6. It also has a dual program international for primary school students. Therefore, it brings an international curriculum for the student. However, it is a new school that was established in 2021. So that you need to check further whether the reputation is good or not.

9. SJI International Schools in Singapore

This school was established in 2007 and is located in Thomson Road. The tuition fee is around 1900 SGD and the school is available from primary to grade 12. It is based in Singapore so this school is not only suitable for foreigners but also suitable for Singaporeans who want their children to school in an international school too.

`10. Singapore American School

For American children, there is an option to get their education in Singapore American School. This is an international school that allows children to study from preschool up to grade 12. However, be noticed that the enrollment fee is quite high, it needs a minimum of 4000 SGD to enroll in this school.

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By knowing some of the international schools in Singapore above, it can help you to plan your children’s education. So that you can compare accordingly and managed to choose the most suitable school for your children. Furthermore, by having the above information, you can also get an overview of which schools is meet your expectation and budget.