How to Open a Bank Account in Germany Online

How to open a bank account in Germany online is still accompanied by the process of completing all the documents needed by the bank. This is actually the same as opening a bank account without going online. Because basically opening a bank account either online or not seems to both require documents related to personal data.

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However, opening a bank account online is a step that is considered very practical. Because this way, everyone can open a bank account in Germany without having to get out of their seats. You can even register or apply to open a bank account anywhere and anytime you want. If indeed you currently want to find the most appropriate way to get a bank account online, then you can listen to the following steps.

1. Go to the bank’s website

How to Open a Bank Account in Germany Online

To open a bank account in Germany online is basically very easy because you can do all the processes needed to open this account through digital media only. What is certain to do this requires technologically advanced media such as devices connected to internet media. Those of you students from other countries who want to open a special bank account in Germany can initially open the bank’s website first.

The bank website that is opened in this case is the website of the bank you choose. To find the web of the selected bank of course you can search and find it in the browser used. If you then find the website of the selected bank, then immediately open the website. So you can go to the bank’s website page and can get all kinds of information related to how to open a bank account in Germany.

2. Print the application form

On the bank website that you open, there is certainly a lot of information about what is related to bank products and services. Including bank services for anyone who wants to open a new account such as for example foreign students. For that on the bank’s website look for options that can lead you to the activity of opening a new account.

After finding it then you will first be asked to fill out a form and complete it with all your personal data. But to be able to fill out the form, of course, you need to do the process of printing the application form in question.

3. Fill in the application form

After doing the form printing process, the next thing to open a bank account in Germany is to fill out the form. Filling out the form is definitely not allowed until something goes wrong. Because the wrong data can later become a big problem and can even make you fail in creating a new bank account. So the form filling should be done more thoroughly and carefully.

4. Print the POSTIDENT form

Then after filling out the form you can proceed to the process of printing the POSTIDENT form. This form will help banks to be able to identify prospective clients including those from foreign countries. Don’t forget to put a signature on the printed form.

5. Prepare an official passport and ID

Being a student in Germany who comes from another country certainly leaves you with some of the documents you normally need to travel abroad. Such as passport documents and official IDs in which it shows your true identity. For that, when opening a bank account is also intact passport documents and official ID belonging to you.

6. Provide a residential address in Germany

It’s not just your passport and official ID that the bank needs to clarify your identity. But apparently, you are also still to complete the other documents that are the exact address of the residence located in Germany. This can help the bank to make it easier if at any time the bank has to send something to you. Therefore, you have to prepare this to open a bank account in Germany.

7. Send the printout to the bank address

After fulfilling all the documents that are the requirements of the bank then you can then send the printout to the available bank address. To do this, you can send all these documents through the nearest post office.

How to open a bank account in Germany as already explained above can certainly be a special instruction for all of you. Now opening a bank account no longer need to bother visiting the bank because of the digital era as it is now of course you can do it online. As for the facilities needed, of course, there are various types. The means are needed for those of you who open a bank account in Germany because of the need to be able to complete all the requirements needed by the bank and you can fulfill them through digital media only.

Some of the means needed to help you in completing all the documents needed by the bank, let’s say starting from the webcam that is usually needed for photos so that your photos can be sent to the bank according to the bank’s request. In addition, you also certainly need an email to send some documents and the like needed by the bank.