GST Claim Singapore

GST claim Singapore should be an insight for those of you who are living in this country. Living in Singapore certainly also cannot be separated from taxation so this needs to be considered further. Do not let the obligation to pay taxes to be delayed and even constrained because of the lack of information you get. But apparently, it’s not just tax payments that have to be made. In Singapore, it turns out that you can also file a tax return.

Taxation in Singapore is also known as GST or Goods and Services Tax. It refers to taxes imposed on goods and services or even public services. This tax was originally imposed in 1994 at 3% and continues to rise until now. For tourists who are in Singapore, this GST tax can be returned.

Obviously to get this tax return you need to make a claim first. Perhaps at first glance, the procedure for filing a claim seems difficult. But actually, the procedure is quite easy. Here are some things about GST claim Singapore for tourists who immediately leave the country.

The GST Claim Singapore

Check Your GST Before GST Claim Singapore

Shopping in Singapore is certainly something that is very desired by everyone. It turns out that shopping for some products in Singapore can be profitable for tourists or tourists. This is related to the opportunity to get back tax returns from some purchased items. But before you need to know whether the goods purchased accordingly can be returned tax or not. Then you should shop for various products in stores that are affiliated with Global Refund.

In addition, look for stores that are accompanied by signs that read Tax-Free Shopping or can also Premier Tax-Free. To be more precise, you should check. One way is to ask the seller if your purchase is eligible for a GST claim Singapore refund.

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Tax Refund Terms for Travelers

For tourists or foreign tourists who want to apply for a GST claim Singapore, of course, they must meet several criteria. First, you are not a permanent citizen in Singapore and are 16 years of age or older when filing a tax return. In addition, you must leave Singapore by air. Because if it is not by air then you cannot make a claim.

There are still other conditions, namely the purchase of products must be done within two months precisely since you make a tax return. The criteria for items that can be claimed you also need to know. Items that cannot be claimed include goods that have been consumed in Singapore and there are still some other criteria.

How eTRS Works

The term eTRS or Electronic Tourist Refund Scheme appears in terms of GST refunds. Please note that these eTRS can help you to get a GST return. Its use is very already because it does not make you access the return form. So if you are shopping at a store accompanied by eTRS you should show your passport first.

If the passport can be shown later then the store will make an eTRS transaction with the help of the identity contained in your passport. This eTRS transaction can certainly run automatically. So this transaction tends to be practical and can be done in a fairly short time.

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File a GST Return

GST returns are two ways. The first is through the eTRS service kiosk at the airport. Furthermore, GST claims can be made through the application. For those of you who apply for a return through the eTRS service kiosk, you can process it at the airport.

As for those of you who submit a return through the application, you can download the application first. After downloading it, you can follow all the instructions on the application. Later all these instructions will lead you to the activity of submitting GST returns.

GST Claim Singapore Return Mode

The returns made consist of several forms. Among them return in the form of cash. Or this return can also be done through a credit card. Tax returns will usually be made ten days after filing a claim. Those of you who are Chinese citizens can also get a tax refund

To be able to do so, you need to follow the instructions and procedures listed. One more way to return GST claim Singapore is through a bank check. This method is also very easy so it will not make it difficult in making a claim.

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GST claim Singapore is not too difficult to do. Similarly, the filing of this claim is done more shortly. You don’t need a very long time to be able to get GST. Of course, all the conditions for submitting a claim need to be met appropriately. This is so that the entire process that you will pass can run easily.

In addition, the existing scheme in the claim submission process also needs to be carried out sequentially. Then the course of filing GST claims Singapore can be smooth and following procedures. This claim is certainly beneficial for tourists who shop in Singapore. Especially at certain times such as during the New Year. Shopping is more fun and hilarious.