Cost of Living in Costa Rica

How many cost of living in Costa Rica? Costa Rica is one of the countries which is known for a quite low cost of living. Therefore, many expatriates are interested to move and staying in the country for some years. With this low cost of living in Costa Rica, many foreigners feel that they have a good living in this place. Not to mention that the country full with a simple way of living so that the cost of anything in the country feel less expensive than other countries.

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However, some expatriates still difficult to figure out how much is the cost of living in Costa Rica for this year. The information related to this cost is quite limited so that any information related to the cost can be valuable. To help those planning to move to the country, the following information can be a good start to consider.

Housing Cost in Costa Rica

Cost of Living in Costa Rica

One of the most important things that are considered by many foreigners when moving to another country is the cost of housing. Selecting a suitable place to stay shall be in accordance with their financial capabilities.

Therefore, an overview of housing costs can be quite important to estimate at first. The same way for anyone who plans to move to Costa Rica. Even though most people said that the country is quite cheap, without exact information on housing costs then it will be difficult to get a suitable place for living.

As an overview, if you plan to rent a house in rural areas, the cost for a well-furnished apartment is a minimum of 300 USD. It means that this cost is very low compared to other countries in the world. With this cost, you can get a suitable house or unit apartment complete with a bedroom and a bathroom with a shower. While if you wish for a more luxury house or apartment for your family, you need to pay a minimum of 1,500 USD per month.

Transportation Cost in Costa Rica

The same good news for the transportation cost in this country. For a one-month pass ticket on public transport, the cost is only 32USD. It is much cheaper than many countries mainly if compared with in the US or in the UK. That is why Costa Rica attracts some tourism to stay longer in the country and enjoy their beautiful moment in this area.

However, if you prefer to have a private car to drive in Costa Rica, it takes more expensive cost for the gasoline. Since the price of the regular gasoline per gallon is 5USD. While other wealthy countries sell at 3USD only.

Meal Cost in Costa Rica

As a country with a proven low cost, the cost of a meal in the country can also consider very cheap. A full meal in fast food restaurant costs around 2 USD to 4 USD. While if you prefer to have some lunch or dinner in a proper restaurant, then you can spend up to 15 USD per person.

This cost can be very low if you decide to shop for ingredients in the local market. Most of the local ingredients cost very cheap. Such as you will find that a kilogram of potato will cost you around 1 USD only. Therefore, cooking food by yourself is mostly preferred by many foreigners who stay in the country.

Cost of Living in Costa Rica for Single

It is amazing to know that Costa Rica is one of the attractive countries in the world for a living. Not only give you a low budget to stay, but it also offers a delightful experience living in the country. Either the food, the nature, and many more, you will find that this place is an interesting country to stay in for some years.

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If you plan to move to the country as a single person, you wouldn’t need to spare too much budget. Since you will able to live in this area with only 700 USD per month. While for your preliminary information, the average salary in this country is up to 2,000 USD per month. Therefore, you can see that you will have enough income to properly live in Costa Rica. Plus, you still have some spare for entertainment and vacation here.

Cost of Living in Costa Rica for Family

Not pretty far from a cost of living in Costa Rica for a single person, the same cheaper cost for a family is applicable too. With only 2,000 USD per month, you will be able to bring your family living in the country with a proper living. Not to mention if our spouse also took a job let’s say half of the common salary in the country. Then you can have more than enough to enjoy living in this beautiful country.

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In the end, the cost of living in Costa Rica can say to be amazingly low. While this country offers some interesting things for foreigners starting from food, culture, and its nature. In the case that you are offered a job in this country, you wouldn’t need to think twice to decide to move to Costa Rica. Since it will guarantee you a nice living with proper wellness in this simple country.