Main Services of Bank of China Hong Kong to The Customer

Bank of China Hong Kong which is also often abbreviated as BOCHK is actually widely known by the public to have customers anywhere. From the name alone it can be guessed that this one bank was established in Hong Kong with its central office which is also in Hong Kong.

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Bank of China Hong Kong

Main Services of Bank of China Hong Kong to The Customer

The bank, which was established in 2001, has now expanded to many of its subsidiaries spread across various countries in the world. The following are some of the main services for their loyal customer.

1. Account Opening

Opening an account is the first thing you should do to be able to take advantage of all the services of the Bank of China Hong Kong. Opening an account can be done by going directly to this bank institution. Or you can also do the process of opening an account by using internet services that are accessed anytime you want.

2. Deposit Account

Another product that is also a service of the Bank of China Hong Kong is a deposit account. This deposit service is guaranteed to be safe. In addition, you can also take your deposit at the desired time or has been determined and become an agreement with the bank. So that it will benefit according to your needs.

3. Investment

There are also investment services that are offered by the bank for its customers. Of course, you do not need to worry about the investment you invest through this bank. Because your investment will be guaranteed secure and at the same time can provide a very large profit for all of you. Whether for any needs, such as education, holiday, or many more.

4. Mortgage Service

Mortgage services are also part of the products offered by Bank of China Hong Kong. This mortgage service consists of several products including financing homeownership. This product will be a facility for all customers of the banks that have firstly opened a bank account in this bank.

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5. Loan Service

The loan is also one of the facilities that you can get and use as much as possible. This loan can usually be given to anyone either to you individually or to a particular body or company. Regarding payments for each loan that has been taken later can be done in accordance with a mutual agreement with the bank that has been approved. Therefore, it can be an interesting service to get from the Bank of China Hong Kong.

6. Insurance

Insurance is also a product that is usually needed by many parties so that someone decides to open an account. In Bank of China Hong Kong, you can also get insurance services in some form. Starting from health accident insurance and business insurance. There is also insurance for personnel and family. This insurance claim process can also be done in a fairly short time and is easy.

7. Credit Card Service

As previously explained, the bank also provides and offers credit card service products for account owners at this bank. All forms or types of credit cards can be used for various purposes. So that all your needs can be met properly.

8. RMB Services

RMB or also commonly called Renmimbi is basically a transfer service between banks that use Yuan currency. This currency from China can be transferred so that you become easier to make transactions involving yuan currency. The process is easy and fast and is certainly satisfactory for your account owners at this bank.

9. Enrich Banking

All services from the Bank of China Hong Kong can be utilized as much as possible by using all available programs. Starting from digital mobile banking programs to all other forms that are certainly offered to help you in achieving profitable things.

10. I-Free Banking

This service by the Bank of China Hong Kong is also an advantage for the customers. In fact, all its services include all programs aimed specifically at various parties. For example, programs for parents and children. In addition, there are also services that are provided specifically for students. Furthermore, there are many other programs that are very useful for you.

11. Private Banking

Private banking is basically all types of services that you can get from the bank which can be used personally. Therefore, all your personal needs can be met, especially in matters related to personal financial management.

12. Corporate Banking

Not only for personal needs but all service products that are provided by Bank of China Hong Kong institutions can also be utilized by a person or a company. Furthermore, the companies that you may currently manage can also make transactions using Yuan currency.

13. Digital Banking

Lastly, the last thing that is also part of Bank of China Hong Kong products and services is digital banking. This service certainly allows you to have a digital transaction. You can use internet services assisted by computational processes to do many things for your financial activities.

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Bank of China Hong Kong with all its advantages in terms of its services will always be the best international bank institution for you. Managing finances is now easier because you can get satisfactory services at the bank. Therefore, do not hesitate to open a bank account at this bank. Get a wide variety of services above with special and satisfying service.