9 Things to Do in Tokyo

Travel to Tokyo is a common thing chosen by many tourists around the world. But the next question is what are the things to do in Tokyo that are worth considering? Because this interesting city and located in Japan and has many attractions that are a pity to miss. Especially if you are spending your vacation in the city. For more details, check out some of the activities you can do while in Tokyo below.

Visiting Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

The first recommended thing to do in Tokyo is to visit Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. The 144-acre park contains French Formal and English Landscape gardens in addition to native, traditional gardens; each is worth the nominal admission price. Landmarks, like the Taiwan Pavilion sitting over a peaceful pond, are breathtaking and difficult to forget. After World War II, it changed from being an imperial garden to a national garden, so you can be sure that this priceless area is always kept in pristine condition.

Taking Pictures in Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya Crossing is the busiest crossing in the world, and anyone even mildly surprised that Tokyo is the most populous city in the world should go there. Every corner is surrounded by enormous television displays that are flashing ads while black-suited salarymen, curious tourists, and bag-toting shoppers wait and cross together. It’s a strangely calming sensation that reminds us that no matter how divergent our life paths may be, they all eventually seem to cross.

9 Things to Do in Tokyo on Holiday

Come to Tokyo Skytree

The Tokyo Skytree is the world’s highest skyscraper tower, reaching a height of 2,080 feet. The entirety of the city, with its eye-catching skyscrapers and neon crossroads, appears to be a wonderful circuit board from the broadcast tower’s 360-degree viewing decks. There is no doubt that the most recommended things to do in Tokyo are to visit Tokyo Skytree. This place elevated the city’s skyline, even if you choose not to pay to enter.

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Enjoy Yayoi Kusama Museum

A sleek white building museum entirely dedicated to Yayoi Kusama’s works is located in a Shinjuku neighborhood. The bulk of the surreal and avant-garde artist’s works are housed in the structure, despite how thin it appears. Beautiful sculptures and paintings with polka dots may be found there. Therefore, it is another interesting thing to do in Tokyo.

Watch Sumo Match at Ryogoku Kokugikan

Tokyo hosts just three of the six authorized major sumo tournaments, all of which take place at Ryogoku Kokugikan. The stadium’s green, the pavilion-style roof can accommodate approximately 11,000 ecstatic spectators. Official competitions span a little over two weeks apiece, therefore Ryogoku Kokugikan occasionally sponsors additional events (boxing, for example). However, sumo is the main draw of the stadium, so if you want to see sumo in Tokyo, come here.

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Happy Time at Tokyo Disneyland

A 115-acre theme park called Tokyo Disneyland is located at the Tokyo Disney Resort in Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture, Japan, not far from Tokyo. Maihama Station and Tokyo Disneyland Station are next to their main entrance. It was the first Disney theme park to be constructed outside of the US. WED Enterprises built the park in the same manner as California’s Disneyland and Florida’s Magic Kingdom. If you visit Tokyo with children, then it is a must thing to do in Tokyo.

Meiji Shrine & Inner Garden

The ghosts of Emperor Meiji and his spouse, Empress Shoken, are interred in this quiet shrine, which is only a short distance from Harajuku Station. The shrine is surrounded by lush foliage and has a serene atmosphere. The Inner Garden is unusually peaceful and has a vibrant iris field in early summer, around June. It is situated just off the main road to the shrine.

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Late Night Takoyaki at Tempu

Takoyaki, a common street food made of soft chunks of octopus coated in gooey, blistering hot batter and topped with spring onions, pickled ginger, and a liberal drizzle of sauce, is the specialty of this late-night restaurant. The traditional toppings for takoyaki are sauce and mayonnaise. But Tempu also offers distinctive variants of the meal that you won’t find anywhere else by swapping out the original sauce for ponzu or olive oil.

Visit Tokyo Sea Life Park

The Tokyo Sea Life Park offers family-friendly educational enjoyment across the lake from Tokyo Disneyland. Numerous ecosystems in this skillfully created aquarium replicate many bodies of water, including the Caribbean Sea, Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and Tokyo’s very own Tokyo Bay. Here you can find a variety of fish from those regions, including Tokyo’s famous bluefin tuna. Travelers will also run into penguins during their visit, puffins, and turtles, to name a few.

Eat Japanese Food

Without a question, Japanese cuisine is among the greatest in the world. Sushi, ramen, and udon have mouthwatering flavors, and the diversity in the nation is mind-boggling. Although each region of Japan has its unique snacks, meals, and drinks, you can find them all in Tokyo at street food stands, marketplaces, and top-notch restaurants.

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Those are some alternative things to do in Tokyo while spending time traveling in the city. Enjoy a variety of activities to the beauty of nature in the Tokyo area and get all the wonderful and memorable experiences. Thus of course there will be a longing in the future to come back here again.