8 Fantastic Singapore Trivia

Have you been living in Singapore for a few months or 1 year? If so then you will never be disappointed when you come across interesting things about the island there. Every day you can learn something new about the homeland of Singapore and yes it may sound cliché yet Singapore never ceases to amaze me.

While things that Singaporeans often bring up include complaining, such as talking about HDB Singapore or expensive cars.  But apart from this, Singapore with all its intelligence and progress, there are unique Singapore facts or this Singapore Trivia which you probably didn’t know.

Singapore Has the Largest Yakult Bottle in Southeast Asia

This first Singapore Trivia reminds you of when you were a kid, maybe you were upset when your mother bought you Yakult every time Singapore went to the supermarket. At that time, they didn’t sell packages with all the flavors of wine, so every time Singapore bought a package, you might rush to “cut” the wine flavor package.

Yakult bottles are too small but in fact, the Yakult bottles in Singapore are the largest compared to those abroad, and of course the most expensive. To be honest, you don’t mind paying Yakult 500ml.

Hong Kong also has the largest Yakult bottle of 100ml while Singapore only has 80ml. However, Singapore is still at the top of the charts in Southeast Asia. If you are traveling and see a bottle of Yakult that is larger than this, then you need to compare it and tell Singapore.

The 8 Fantastic Singapore Trivia

You Can Find the National Anthem with Microscriptions On the Back of The $1,000 Bill.

But unfortunately, such a large sum of money may no longer be in circulation, but it does not rule out the possibility of you getting it, you can reverse and see if you can see the lyrics of the song. I think it’s a pretty good idea in order and unique.

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Singapore Is One of the Three Livable Cities in The World

There are only three cities in the world – Monaco, Vatican City, and Singapore. Strangely, Singapore doesn’t have the capital. The point is, it would be nice if Orchard Road became the capital of Singapore. Singapore also lists countries that I think make it easy to enter mailing addresses.

Cartoon Network Thinks Singapore Is Located in Malaysia

In episode 5 of season 3 of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, where Terrence and Mac fight Singapore. If you have ever watched the videos, then you will know that they are wrong. It’s quite embarrassing how despite being a highly acclaimed metropolis, some people still think Singapore is in Malaysia and some still think Singapore is in China.

Singapore Has Changed Singapore’s Time Zone 6 Times Since 1905

The next Singapore trivia is that for 36 years, Singapore was 7.5 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). In 1982, Singapore Standard Time was redefined to be 8 hours earlier than GMT. The story behind it is that East Malaysia is GMT 8.00 but West Malaysia is GMT 7.50. Malaysia decided to standardize its time however it would be awkward for Singapore to be the only one that is 7.5 hours ahead of GMT.

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There Are Other Singaporeans in The World

Perhaps this will make the name Singapore not so special anymore. But unfortunately, Singapore is also the name of the famous Michigan ghost town. Currently, the city only exists under the name of the Singapore Yacht Club located at the end of the city. Make no mistake, the yacht club here is called The Republic of Singapore Yacht Club!

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There’s Always Something to Celebrate in Singapore

Don’t worry about looking for fun new things to do. There are major cultural festivals, sports, lifestyle, and art events held all year round in the city to entertain you. The annual Singapore Sevens Rugby World Cup is held at the S$1.3 billion Singapore Sports Centre, which also hosts events ranging from live concerts to martial arts performances. In July, foodies will enjoy Singaporean specialties as well as the best ModSin (Singapore Modern Food), which modernizes traditional flavors.

The Lion City May Have Been Inspired by Tigers

The last Singapore trivia is that you’ve probably heard of the Merlion, an iconic symbol of Singapore. The Merlion is a mythical creature with a lion’s head and a fish tail. You may not know that the Merlion was partly inspired by the old name of the city of Singapore, which means “Lion City”. The origin of this Sanskrit name is associated with the Sumatran Prince Sang Nila Utama, the ruler of Temasek, a colony on the island of Singapore in the early 1st century.

While hunting, the prince sees a strange creature walking fast-moving, identified by his mentor as a lion. However, there is no record of a lion native to Singapore. The tiger he saw couldnot be like the tiger found in the wild in Singapore until the 1930s.

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That’s about the unique things or Singapore Trivia found in Singapore. These things can be your plans to take another fun city trip to make the most of your next trip to Singapore.