West Bank: History, Population, Map, Settlements, & Facts

Many do not know clearly when they hear about what is the west bank. Some ordinary people may think this is one of the bank institutions in Europe or America. But it turns out that this estimate is not correct. Because what is meant by the west bank is a different thing altogether.

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Therefore, it’s good to try to find out what exactly is meant by it. So as not to be wrong in getting information as well as understanding about this. More about the explanation and information related to what is the west bank can be seen in the explanation given below.

About The West Bank

West Bank: History, Population, Map, Settlements, & Facts

The first is to understand more about what is the west bank. This is one of the areas that can be said to be landlocked territory which is precisely located in the Mediterranean region, West Asia. This area is under the rule of the Israelites and has a considerable area. So do not be surprised if this is always a controversy some things happen in the area itself.

Of course, as an area, the west bank has a culture, economy, various activities up to certain politics. Including many who feel interested in knowing what the status of this region is and what kind of legality or administration is held in the area. See more information in the following paragraphs.

The History of The West Bank

Of course, it will not be easy to understand about the west bank if it does not know exactly what history has been going on in the region. So starting from knowing the historical information of this place is quite important. From 1517 to 1917, the area was originally under Turkish control and became part of Syria. However, in 1948 the west bank area became part of the Arab government.

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Then it continued, in the end, this area became under Jordanian rule until 1967. In that year there was a war that caused the west bank area to become Israeli territory. This lasted until 1982 when the Judea and Samaria area was eventually known as the Palestinian territory. And in 2007 finally, the government of the west bank area fell on control of the Palestinian state itself.

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The West Bank Controversy

From the history of the formation of the west bank, of course, it looks like the controversy that has been going on in the area until now. The Palestinians have always claimed that this area belongs to them, while on the other hand, the state of Israel is unwilling to give up or encourage attacks on the region. Although in the years that followed even the Americans supported Palestinian freedom in winning the area and condemned Israel’s actions.

Nevertheless, it is clear that whatever any country in the world does, does not make Israel stop trying to win the area to stay under it. Not to mention the problems with Palestinian terrorists that do not directly affect the security conditions in the region. So it is quite difficult to get a fair settlement in this controversial area.

End of The West Bank

In the end, at this time the area of the west bank is also divided into three areas of power that are not clear. Especially for the Palestinian area that is being contested between the Palestinian side and the Israeli side.

The west bank area C and East Jerusalem are officially owned by the state of Israel. But in some areas of the west bank that there is a battle, until now the problem has not ended and has a way out. So it is not yet known what the fate of this area is in the future.

In this area, poverty is quite common. Because there is no decent job, even daily life continues to be under uncertain threats and pressures from the conditions of war that occur. So it is not surprising that the economy in the west bank region is very bad.
Economy Conditions of the West Bank

This uncertain condition certainly has a big impact on the economic conditions that exist around the west bank area. Especially for the Palestinian territories which have suffered many setbacks and problems in the economic field. Because the continued attacks certainly affect the economic conditions in this service. This attacked result in a bad economy making people living in the region also do not have enough welfare.

Even today, economic conditions in disputed areas continue to decline. Especially since there is no certainty about the future of the area will fall to whom. So it is difficult to determine the right economic steps to help restore the welfare of people living in the Palestinian west bank area.

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That’s interesting information related to what is the west bank. Through the explanation above, of course, now there is no need to feel confused when dealing with the word. It is quite clear that the west bank is not a western financial institution. However, this is a term used in a certain number of areas. Thus of course the understanding of the west bank has now become quite clear.