What is a Bank Teller? Job Description, Salary, and Skills

What is a Bank Teller? Many bank account owners of course have often encountered tellers when visiting certain banks. However, many ignore this and do not know more information about what is a bank teller. A teller is a bank officer with an important task. So there’s nothing wrong with trying to dig up better information about it.

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Therefore, this article will give a little idea of what is a bank teller. The information will discuss what is meant by the position and what are the duties of a teller in general. It would be better to know the important role of the teller in every financial transaction made to the bank. Furthermore, here’s the full information.

Information About What is a Bank Teller

What is a Bank Teller? Job Description, Salary, and Skills

Teller is a bank officer whose daily job is dealing with customers and the general public. The bank must select the officer who will be appointed as a teller because of the way of work, attitude, and actions and the way it services to customers and the public indirectly Teller is a reflection of the state and reputation of a bank.

Not only that, but the bank teller will answer questions about the products and services of a bank and direct customers to other staff who are more appropriate to conduct more complex bank transactions. Therefore, this work is required to show a thorough understanding of the bank they work for.

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Bank Teller Responsibilities

Normally, a teller will need to be responsible for many matters. Not only look simple as we thought whenever we meet a teller in the bank. But behind this job, there are many responsibilities to perform in daily money transactions in the bank. For those who never guest on how much responsibilities are performed by the tellers, the following information is some of it.

• A bank teller must be able to ensure that all financial tools in the bank used can be run properly. Therefore, a bank teller must be able to arrive on time and check all the completeness of banking service support equipment every day.

• The teller also has the responsibility to calculate all the money in the drawer from the beginning of the shift. The amount of money must be appropriate and there should be no difference or loss of any amount of money in his shift.

• The teller’s next responsibility is to take cash, checks, debit cards, and other forms of payment from customers.

• Other teller duties include helping to provide answers to account-related questions for customers. So do not be surprised if this teller position must also be filled with certain qualifications.

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• The next task and responsibility of a bank teller are to fill out documents or deposit slips and withdrawals that have been signed as an endorsement signature. Generally, in every transaction made through the bank, a slip will be needed as a sign of proof. Therefore, a teller should be able to verify and fill in the necessary information.

• Bank tellers must also be able to perform calculations on money deposit transactions made by customers both done with cash and non-cash transactions, and edit them into the bank’s computer system.

• Tellers should be able to be customer friendly. Not only is it required to have adequate intelligence and knowledge, but also required to have the modesty to control emotions. So that it can make customers feel satisfied and comfortable when making financial transactions through this bank teller.

Bank Teller Qualification

Getting a job as a bank teller will not be an easy thing. Related to the above tasks and responsibilities, every teller shall have suitable qualifications. That is why shortlisting suitable candidates for a teller is not easy. In general, the following are the common qualifications of a teller.

• Bank tellers every day will handle the finances of all its customers, therefore this job is required to be able to master the science of basic accounting. Therefore at least a teller should have an educational basis regarding this basic accounting.

• As a supporter in the smooth process of work, tellers in a bank must also be able to have skills in mastering financial software specifically. Especially in this current day, the mastery of computers is important in everything. Including the activities of the bank will be much related to the computer device.

• A bank teller of course must also master good communication skills. Moreover, their work requires communicating regularly with customers. So that without optimal communication skills, it will be difficult to be able to help customers get the necessary information.

• What is needed from a teller is qualifications about honesty and the right attitude. Because the teller is responsible for many important things. Therefore, you should make sure to meet these qualifications to ensure the teller will take full responsibility for his work later on a day.

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Through the information described above, it is clear what is meant by what is a bank teller. So at least not only meet the teller when making transactions at the bank. But also understand what the duties and responsibilities of this position are on the bank. Because the position and responsibility of this teller is quite a lot, especially ensuring optimal banking services on bank customers.