Virtual Cards vs Physical Cards: What are The Differences?

The difference between virtual and physical cards is many. Furthermore, the difference can be found easily. You can tell which is a virtual card and which is a physical card.

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Even those of you who are just familiar with this type of card can distinguish it well. Especially for bank customers who always do financial management at the bank. The two types of cards may even be frequently used for several purposes.

Virtual Cards vs Physical Cards: What are The Differences?

The difference between virtual and physical card types is obvious. Because the characteristics of each of these cards can be seen clearly by anyone. To know more about the differences between them, you don’t need to be confused anymore. You have to look at it and continue to follow the explanation between the two below.

The Physical Shape of Virtual and Physical Cards

The main difference that can be seen between a virtual and physical cards is their shape. Because the card is the first thing that everyone can see. Therefore, every one of you can distinguish different types of cards from their shape.

Including virtual and physical cards, which are now increasingly used by most people. These two types of cards are often used to make payments. But of course, the shape is different and you can certainly recognize the difference between the two well.

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Virtual cards as the name imply can only be used through virtual media only. While the physical card can be held physically and can be seen. Although these two cards contain numbers, virtual cards are still only used if there are media.

While the physical card can be used more freely because it can be held by anyone. Physical cards are usually also equipped with a chip and magnetic stripe.

Payment Methods

The difference between a virtual and physical card can not only be seen from their physical form. However, the difference between the two can also be seen in the payment method.

What is meant by payment, in this case, relates to the provision of a balance. Or it could be related to your obligation to pay a certain amount of funds so that the card can be used.

Generally, a virtual card can be used if there are sufficient balance funds in it. So the provision of funds or balances you need to do before using this type of card. So make sure there is enough balance before you use the virtual card. While the physical card can be used first then you make payment.

A physical card like this is like a credit card that can be paid after use. Usually, the physical card is used according to the available card swipe. However, virtual cards are not the case because this card is used if there is a balance in it. With this, a virtual card can be used for various transactions.

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Functions and Objectives

In addition to the physical form and payment method, other things use a virtual and physical card. Another thing, in this case, is the function and purpose of each of these cards. At first glance, it may seem that these two cards are useful for making payments. But the purpose of these two cards has differences.

Virtual cards can be used to make transactions by involving other parties or third parties.

For example, when you make an online shopping transaction. When you make the payment process online it can be called if you use the service of a virtual card. This function is of course different from the physical card that can be used at any time.

You can use this physical card while you’re shopping at certain stores. You can also use a physical card to meet your daily needs. This function also makes it reliable in various emergencies that may occur. Meanwhile, the virtual card seems to function in a narrower space. Virtual cards work more on shopping services with an online system.

Location of Use Virtual and Physical Cards

Not only the differences above, but you can also know about virtual cards and physical cards. But there is still another difference, namely the location of use of each card, both virtual and physical. As previously explained that the functions and purposes of a virtual and physical card tend to be different.

Based on this function and purpose, of course, these two cards can be used in different locations. Of course, virtual cards can only be used in online transactions.

In addition, this card can only be used in shopping places that have provided similar services. So the location of using a virtual card is more limited so that the physical card can be used anywhere.

You can use this physical card at any shopping point that provides an EDC machine. So the use of physical cards is felt to be easier and even more ordinary.

The differences between a virtual and physical card listed above are expected to provide the right explanation for you. Both physically and functionally each card is different so you can use them appropriately.

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Use virtual cards and physical cards appropriately to meet all your needs. Of course, its use must be following applicable procedures or provisions. Then of course these two types of cards will be very useful for your life.