Today's Transfez Rate Update February 15 2023

For you Transfez users, there are several things that you must pay attention to when you want to send money from Indonesia abroad. One of them is the daily Transfez rate update. The following is Transfez’s update rate today, February 15, 2023.

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Transfez Rate Update

Today's Transfez Rate Update February 15 2023

MYR 3.508,85
CNY 2.255,80
INR 184,06
THB 450,71
EUR 16.385,08

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MYR 3.508,85 DROP TO 0.38%
CNY 2.255,80 DROP TO 0.31%
INR 184,06 DROP TO 0.27%
THB 450,71 DROP TO 0.14%
EUR 16.385,08 UP TO 0.01%

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*) Notes
KRW = South Korean Won
EUR = Euro
MYR = Malaysian Ringgit
CNY = Chinese Yuan Renminbi
THB = Thailand Baht
INR = Indian Rupee
AUD = Australian Dollar
SGD = Singapore Dollar
GBP = Pound sterling
PHP = Philippine Peso
JPY = Japanese Yen
VND = Vietnamese Dong

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