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Hong Leon Bank last year announced its historic moment as Malaysia’s first bank to provide digital services. This is of course news that is considered profitable for many people because the process tends to be done more easily by customers. Hong Leon Bank digital bank which is sometimes abbreviated as HONG LEON BANK can now provide services to citizens digitally.

Call it like for example the opening of a bank account that can now make it easier for customers to no longer need to bother to branch offices or self-service and the like. But the opening of this account can be done only by using digital services that have been provided by the bank. Various types of services from HONG LEON BANK can certainly be enjoyed by all customers even though the submission process and operations are done digitally. Here are some types of Hong Leon Bank services that can help the customers.

1. Track My Application

The first type of service that can be enjoyed by all customers from Hong Leon Bank is Track My Application. To be able to take advantage of the services of this bank then you can first complete the applications that have been stored. To do this you can select the first column of the Track My Application service.

In addition, you can also download or upload supporting documents that belong to you. This download or upload process can also be done digitally in the Track My Application section in the middle column or second column. The last thing that can also be done is Track My Application which is available in the last column or bottom column.

2. Credit Card

The next service that can also be enjoyed by all customers is the service of getting a credit card or credit card. Getting credit card services from a bank seems to be a desire for many people. With this credit card, customers can meet their needs that are urgent or may be urgent. Of course, credit cards from Hong Leon Bank are highly recommended for you.

To be able to get it, some procedures must be passed. In addition, you can also choose credit card products that can be selected with the event. The first is to look for your type of credit card product. The other way is to ask for recommendations from the parties. Both of these ways can be done simply by accessing the bank application online.

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3. Personal Loan

For the customers, of course, they can also enjoy other services, namely the type of Personal Loan service. In this case, you can still apply for a loan through digital media or applications that have been downloaded on your device. Personal Loans offered by this bank can not only help customers but also can provide benefits for customers.

This advantage can be obtained because there are many features available. One of the benefits that can be obtained from a Personal Loan is that it can be accessed anytime and anywhere. In addition, the feature that can also be felt by customers is the interest rate that tends to be low so it is not so burdensome for customers. The next feature is a long tenor precisely between 2 to 5 years.

4. Open a New Account

Opening an account at this bank can also be done online so the process is very easy. As has been slightly reviewed before that opening an account at this one bank can now be done more quickly and practically because it can be done online. For those of you who may be opening an account for the first time then you can click on the button available on the bank application to be able to meet the applicable terms and conditions.

You will be asked to fill out and complete all personal data to open a new account and then enjoy all kinds of facilities provided by the bank.

5. View Promotions

Another type of service from the bank that you can also get is View Promotion. As the name implies, this one service can be used by all of you to be able to get information about various things related to the bank. All types of promotions from the most recent banks and updates can also be obtained in this View Promotions column.

Hong Leon Bank with all sorts of its services that have been mentioned and reviewed above seems to be growing with the current era. All types of services that can now be accessed digitally can certainly make it easier for all customer. Banks that are now developing digital innovation precisely in the financial sector can certainly trigger the growth of the national digital economy.

Not only that, but this bank will also be able to meet all kinds of needs and expectations of all consumers. To be able to enjoy all types of services then you can immediately download the application on your mobile phone gadget device. The use of all services digitally can be done anytime where you are by using the bank application. Now enjoy and utilize banking services, especially from Hong Leon Bank.

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