Four Employee Tax Types

There are various employee tax types. Of course, every company needs to fulfill its obligations, especially in terms of paying taxes. Of course, to be able to fulfill this obligation or payment, you must know and understand correctly the types of taxes. At least you need to understand information and knowledge about employee taxes in more detail. It aims to prevent you from making mistakes in paying taxes.

For those of you who are currently entrepreneurs or businessmen, you can at least know your employee taxes. Or maybe you know exactly what kind of taxes you as a business owner are dependent on. It may seem complicated at first to understand. But, once you know the type of tax for your employees, it will be easier to pay taxes later. To help you find out the employee tax types, you can refer to the following explanation.

Employee Tax Types for Permanent Employees

Generally, every company employs a type of permanent employee who is then taxed. And this employee tax becomes a responsibility or burden for your company so it must be paid. It should be noted that permanent employees are generally subject to PPh 21 tax. These permanent employees are employees who earn a fixed income every month. But of course, the salary he receives is at least following the provisions that have been set.

For example, permanent employees who earn a salary or income of more than 10.000.000 IDR per month. To calculate the tax, first, calculate the net salary of each permanent employee. The calculation of this net salary can certainly be obtained from the total salary and all allowances or bonuses minus employee expenses or guarantees.

The entire amount of income minus expenses or guarantees will later produce net income or net salary. Then this net income can be added up in 1 year. Finally, the net income for this year is multiplied by the percentage of PPh 21 to get the amount of tax that must be paid. Then at the end of the year, you can pay permanent employee taxes.

Four Employee Tax Types That Need to Know

Employee Tax Types for Freelance Employees

Apart from permanent employees, other types of employees usually work for a company. Generally, in addition to permanent employees, there are also types of freelance employees. This type of employee works in the company as a daily employee or casual employee. So it is certain that the status of this employee is different from permanent employees who work full-time in the company.

Freelance employees generally work only for a certain amount of time that is needed or that has been mutually agreed upon. Even though they work part-time, freelance employees can also be subject to tax. This type of income tax can be imposed on freelance employees or freelance employees with the right calculation. You can calculate the amount of income tax from freelance employees according to their daily wages. Or it could be that this calculation is done based on the employee’s accumulated earnings. So you can accumulate the number of freelance employee wages within 1 month.

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Employee Tax Types for Overtime Employees

Another employee tax type that can also be imposed on employees is precisely for overtime employees. Employees who undergo overtime activities are no longer foreign to the company. Almost every company has had overtime activities by several employees. Of course, entrepreneurs or business owners need to provide overtime wages for employees who live it. Because overtime pay is the right of the employee. It turns out that this overtime pay can also be imposed or taxed.

The type of tax that can be imposed on overtime pay is the same income tax as other types of employees. Namely, PPh 21 which is an employee tax type in a company. The method of calculating PPh 21 for overtime employees is the same as before. However, this overtime pay can only be taxed if it is combined or included with the employee’s monthly salary. Of course, the calculation must also be done carefully and precisely.

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Online Employee Tax Calculation

There are various types of employment taxes that you must now understand more deeply. From all the information you have obtained, now you know the exact type of your employee tax. If you already know the type of tax, then take the next step. The sure step is to make tax payments following the correct amount. To get the amount of tax that must be paid, you need to do a tax calculation.

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This calculation certainly must be done in detail and precisely. Maybe if you are still confused about how to calculate it, you can find a quick way, such as calculating taxes online. For that, you can try using some software or maybe applications. The use of software or applications will certainly make it easier for you to calculate taxes. Then the employee tax types calculation can later be done with fast steps and accurate results. Until later, employee tax payments can be made in the correct amount and not to the detriment of all parties. In addition, tax payments can also be made on time without any problems.