BTN Profile: History, Track, and Career in Indonesia

BTN profile as a company under the parent of the Ministry of SOEs is certainly very attractive to residents. This financial services institution, which is a government and public bank, is already widely known. Especially by Indonesians, both local natives, and migrants who later settled in this country.

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Bank BTN will be the best financial management place for all of you. With all types of products and programs it launches, this bank can meet your needs. Especially in terms of financial management which needs to be done by everyone. Now you can find its head office at BTN Tower which is located in the Central Jakarta.

History of the Beginning of BTN Profile

BTN Profile: History, Track, and Career in Indonesia

BTN profile was originally a postal savings bank established by the Dutch East Indies government. The establishment of this bank was precisely on October 16, 1897, in Batavia, or what is now changed its name to Jakarta. Later during the Japanese occupation, the bank was frozen and renamed.

After the proclamation of Indonesian independence, this bank was then taken over by the Indonesian government. The name of this bank was changed again until it became the Post Savings Office.

This name then changed a lot until in 1963 it changed to what it is today. Name change to BTN or State Savings Bank as we have known so far. Since its establishment until now, it seems that the BTN profile has continued to develop. The variety of products has increased so that it can be said to be very well developed.

Fund Products

The various products offered by BTN will make you able to manage your finances. This includes fund products available and offered by BTN. There are several types of fund products ranging from savings and deposits as well as current accounts.

All types of fund products can be the right choice for you in storing finances. You can also keep all your funds with a sense of security. No more fear and worry because your financial security is guaranteed. Various types of savings also come with many variants and you can choose them according to your needs.

Financing from BTN Profile

It is not only fund products offered by BTN profile to all its customers. However, there are also financing products that can certainly help all customers. Especially in filling all customer needs such as urgent needs.

This financing generally consists of credit services that can be used by bank customers following certain requirements. What is meant by credit here is related to the loan process that you can get and use for certain needs. You can get this loan easily and the application process can be said to be fast. So it can be ascertained that the services from BTN regarding loan and financing services are satisfactory to customers.

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E-channel services are currently also a priority for BTN profile in serving the community. As the name implies, this service refers to the use of digital media to access banks. This means that every transaction can now be done using digital media.

This has made it easier for all customers because bank access is now more practical. Just imagine that to make every transaction now you don’t need to visit the head office or branch.

You may be able to make transactions only at BTN ATM outlets which are available at various regional points. To make it even more practical, you can also make transactions digitally. You can access the bank and transact through your device. It can only be by using a cellphone device that you always carry anytime and anywhere.

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BTN Priority

There is also a BTN Prioritas service that may make you wonder about its function. BTN Prioritas is an exclusive service from the State Savings Bank. Therefore, this service is specifically intended for those of you who are special customers.

Special customers will receive exclusive services. In it, there are the best services and facilities from BTN. In addition, you will also get special attention from the bank so that financial growth can be more certain. Of course, all kinds of benefits are obtained by special customers who get BTN Prioritas products.

BTN Sharia

There are still more BTN services in another form and name, namely BTN Syariah. As the name implies, all programs in this service are sharia. All financial transactions can later be carried out using sharia principles. Even in this program, there are also Hajj planning service products.

You can do this Hajj planning early together with BTN. The sharia program offered by this institution will be the best product that is safe for all of you. Starting from savings to credit, you can get it with sharia principles.

The BTN profile that you have read is certainly not only valid for individuals. But the program and product from BTN can also apply to the development of your business. This is certainly good news for all business people.

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You can now expand your business with the help of capital from BTN. Any effort can be smoother and will certainly provide results according to your expectations. Moreover, you can get all services from the bank easily and through an online system.