Apple Singapore Store: Overviews, Reviews, and Full History

Prior to the establishment of an official Apple Singapore Store, let’s begin our journey in Japan. Japan is a country known for its numerous innovations. Furthermore, the country has long been the only country in Asia with an official Apple shop. It is packed with Apple T-shirts and experts that can solve all of your Mac problems.

After then, Apple launched a shop in China. Then there’s the case of Hong Kong. There were a number of speculations, especially around 2010, that Hong Kong and Singapore will have their own Apple stores.

For a while, people were buzzing about rumors, but as time passed and nothing happened, people forgot about it. Then, in 2011, The official Apple Singapore Store in Hong Kong opened.

The Beginning of the Official Apple Singapore Store

Apple Singapore Store: Overviews, Reviews, and Full History

Many have heard over the last few months that Apple’s retail channel for Singapore’s official Apple Singapore Store is under development and that much has been accomplished.

We don’t know where the store is yet, but we do know when it will open. By the end of 2012, Singapore may host its first official Apple Singapore shop. Although having an official Apple Singapore shop in Singapore is fantastic, what does this imply for existing Apple retailers and customers?

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Retailers are a necessary evil for Apple since they enable them to sell in areas and countries where Apple Retail is unable to operate. The majority of them, particularly ACR (Apple Premium Reseller), are even happy to let Apple advise them on how to design their stores, even if APR is paying for the improvements.

When Apple sells through merchants, it makes less money than when it sells directly in its shops. As a result, in order for Apple Retail to come to Singapore, Apple must ensure that the official Apple Singapore shop may benefit from the benefits of existing Apple stores.

The Advantages of Buying from Apple Singapore Store Over Regular Retailers

As far as most people are aware, Apple’s 1-day return policy applies to all purchases made in Apple’s official shops across the world. This implies that if you don’t like whatever you bought, you may return it for a complete refund less a nominal exchange cost.

You can swap the old model for the new model if the product you just bought acquired a new model within 1 day. If you bought an iPad 2 on the 13th and the iPad 3 came out on the 16th, you may simply swap it at the Apple Singapore official shop.

There is no official Apple Singapore shop where you may exchange or refund anything. Furthermore, when Apple offers an official deal, such as the annual Back to School sale, the offer may only be accepted in the official Apple Singapore Store, not the merchant.

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Apple Product Price in Singapore

When Apple released a new product while maintaining the old product but lowering the price, such as the $528 iPad 2 wifi for Singapore, Apple’s official shop promptly altered the price of any iPad 2 that was previously available. However, at the time of writing, several merchants were still selling the identical model for $668. While Infinite kiosk and Vivocity shop appear to have new prices for this.

Other apparent benefits include a better shopping experience, new items are more likely to be available, and specific products, such as the iPod (RED), are exclusively offered in Apple Singapore’s official store.
Overall, there are many things to look forward to in the future. I can’t wait to contribute money to Apple at the official Apple Singapore shop in Singapore.

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Many People Are Not Too Eager with Official Apple Singapore Store

Many Apple enthusiasts are hoping that Apple would build a store in Singapore. This is since shopping through Apple Singapore Store is inferior to shopping at Apple-operated stores in other countries.

Singapore’s Best Apple Stores Employees in Apple stores throughout the world are nicer and more informed about their goods. The shop is also significantly larger, with a superior interior design and a greater selection of Apple items.

This implies that practically every Apple product may be purchased through their shop. All of this makes shopping enjoyable. We weren’t sure what we thought of it in the first place at Mac Plus. Here’s what you can anticipate and our predictions based on insider knowledge.

Apple Orchard Road Store in Singapore Focus on the Shopping Experience

According to followers, Apple Singapore Store has been hiring employees to work in shops since November 2016. As of May 17, 2016, all job openings are for service personnel exclusively. Apple Certified Technicians are now unemployed. The store will focus on the customer shopping experience.

Furthermore, Apple Singapore has been no improvement. However, they got the best sales and quality of service. They were aware that Apple Authorized Service Providers in the country offered bad service. Google rated them just two stars, yet they did nothing. So that later on, the store improves with better service for the customer in the country.

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That is the discussion about Apple Singapore Store. After the opening of this official store, hopefully, it can treat the wait for Apple fans there. So that more buyers are willing to make any buy in the official store. Not to mention that the official store will give better benefits.