Remittance is a financial product that is increasingly in demand. Supported by the rapid development in the era of globalisation, the ease of living overseas makes remittance transactions more frequently used. Moreover, this financial product is extremely useful for those who study or work abroad.

Even so, finding a remittance money transfer company in Indonesia that truly can meet your needs is certainly not simple. Sure, there are many factors you need to think before deciding to use a remittance service. For more details, below are some important factors you need to consider.

1. Always ensure that it is already licensed

remittance money transfer company in Indonesia
remittance money transfer company in Indonesia

When you are looking for a trusted remittance money transfer company in Indonesia, the first thing to consider is security. Therefore, before deciding which financial product you want to take, try to consider this crucial factor.

When you find a remittance service with incredibly low transfer fees or a tantalising promotion, for instance, do not jump straight into it. Try searching for complete information related to the remittance service provider you want to choose. Does the company have a license issued by a financial authority in Indonesia? If so, try to check whether the company is a member of remittance association. Once again, be careful before ordering remittance services.

2. Consider the cost

The second thing you need to consider before choosing a remittance money transfer company in Indonesia is the cost. You do certainly not want your funds drastically reduced due to the high transfer cost, right? Therefore, always pay attention to all information relating to the transfer fee of a remittance service.

Then check whether there is a hidden fee charged to you or not. It is so important because the recipient can incur high additional costs. In some cases, hidden fees are found on remittance service that offers very cheap transfer fees. Sometimes, the transfer fee seems to be made free, but you are then subject to high exchange rates.

3. How fast is your fund received?

remittance money transfer company in Indonesia
remittance money transfer company in Indonesia

Consider how quickly your funds must be received. If the urgency of the fund to be received is extremely high, choose a remittance money transfer company in Indonesia that offers this service. In general, remittances can be received within 2-4 business days. However, always look for the fastest option for your convenience.

4. Can the process be online?

The next point is how you do remittance transactions. Do you have to go to the counter when you want to send money overseas? Or, can everything be solved by online transactions? Of course, the second option is easier and more practical. Online transactions can be done anywhere and anytime. So, you do not need to come to the counter and hand over the money you want to send.

Trusted Remittance Money Transfer Company in Indonesia

remittance money transfer company in Indonesia
remittance money transfer company in Indonesia

Responding to financial challenges in the globalisation era, Transfez is the best alternative for making remittance transactions. If other remittance providers usually charge a transfer fee of around USD 25-30 per transaction, using Transfez can save up to 80%.

Another advantage is that the time for funds to reach the recipient is shorter. When using remittance services from banks, money is received around 2-4 business days. However, Transfez acts faster because your funds can be received in real-time—especially in certain countries. On top of that everything is transparent, there is no hidden fee on every transaction you make on Transfez.