There are many reasons why one needs a fast money transfer from Indonesia to Japan. You probably have a family member who studies there. Perhaps you expand a business and need to conduct important transactions. Whatever the reasons, everyone can agree that sending money to Japan can be expensive.

What can you expect when sending cash from Indonesia to Japan? How can you reduce the extra costs and get the best exchange rates when doing this transaction?

Methods of Transferring Money to Japan

fast money transfer from Indonesia to Japan
fast money transfer from Indonesia to Japan

There are several ways you can send money from Indonesia to Japan. They are:

• Traditional Bank

Banks are common solutions to transfer money between two countries. However, banks usually pick the highest exchange rates and large fees. Your money also arrives in a long time, ranging from three days to a week.

• Conventional Transfer Services

Conventional money transfer services are a bit easier than banks, but they are still expensive and impractical. They often require several layers of verification process, which make the method unsuitable for emergency transfer. Many of them don’t receive large transfer of money, unless you switch to premium account.

• Transfez

Transfez is a remittance trusted in Indonesia that helps you to send money with cheaper fees. Unlike many other remittance services, Transfez is a mobile based remittance services that does not have hidden fees and always uses the most competitive exchange rates.

Sending money to Japan with Transfez only requires a flat fee, without hidden costs that can burden your recipient. The money usually arrives one day later, but not more than three days.

How Much Can You Save?

fast money transfer from Indonesia to Japan
fast money transfer from Indonesia to Japan

Transfez always makes sure to find the best exchange rates for transferring money. You will get the most competitive numbers that are close to the mid-market range. You also don’t get hidden fees, which often happen with conventional banks when you have the target receives money in different currencies.

Another money-saving benefit in Transfez is the cheap transfer fees. Conventional banks in Indonesia usually charge USD30 to USD50 per transfer, which can be burdensome and reduce the money from your recipient’s account. The typical costs you should pay when using Transfez is around USD6.84 to USD11.

Transfez also does not require your transfer to go to the bank. Use the mobile app to transfer and receive money directly. The registration is free and easy, and you get notifications whenever a transaction is successful. The system is available for 24 hours, making it convenient for you to send money whenever you need it.

How to Start

fast money transfer from Indonesia to Japan
fast money transfer from Indonesia to Japan

You can start the transaction by downloading Transfez and verifying your account. Fill in the bank details and the currencies. You probably need to do ID verification, such as using a scan of photo. Once every data is verified, you just need to send the money and pay attention to the little fees.

Transfez is an easy solution for fast money transfer from Indonesia to Japan. With the competitive exchange rates, small fees, and easy technology, Transfez helps you to send money to anyone important in Japan, without worrying about hidden fees and cuts from high exchange rates.